Sons of Anarchy: The Final Season – Blu-ray Edition

sons of anarchy season 7This is a series I, and I am sure loads of others, did not think could interest me. Who cares about a biker gang? What stories surrounding them could be interesting to tell and watch. The thing is that I totally underestimated creator Kurt Sutter’s (writer on the series The Wire) ability to draw you in to a totally human story. That is what Sons of Anarchy has been through its entire run. It is a series based upon the life of a thirtysomething man who happens to be part of a motorcycle gang. As are his parents and the club has become his family. He is now a father and trying to provide a good home and living for his young son. It is a human and very relatable story.

All six previous seasons have led up to what is happening now. Previous decisions made by the characters are now coming back to wreak havoc. Death, grief, violence and lies will move the story forward to its conclusion. We will see who will live or who will die.

Episode 1: Black Widower: After Tara’s death Jax (played by Charlie Hunnam) is freed from prison and has revenge on his mind. Wendy (played by Drea de Matteo) leaves rehab early.

Episode 2: Toil and Till: Jax asks the Nevada charter for help to get at Henry Lin (played by Kenneth Choi) and his gang. Unser (played by Dayton Callie) investigates Tara’s murder.

Episode 3: Playing With Monsters: Juice (played by Theo Rossi) reaches out to Chibs (played by Tommy Flanagan) but realizes that it is futile. Jax forges alliances to take done Henry Lin and August Marks (played by Billy Brown).

Episode 4: Poor Little Lambs: The club seemingly has nowhere to go other than full out war. Some choices seem like they will pull the club apart.

Episode 5: Some Strange Eruption: Jax tries to reveal a snitch who sold him out to Lin. Juice and Gemma (played by Katey Sagal) leave town.

Episode 6: Smoke ‘em If You Got ‘em: Changing alliances allow Jax to protect the club and also settle an old score.

Episode 7: Greensleeves: In order to go up against a powerful Samcro enemy the club forges an unlikely partnership. Jax gets Ratboy (played by Niko Nicotera) and Happy (played by David Labrava) to take Gemma to the cabin.

Episode 8: The Separation of Crows: Samcro starts the search for a missing member. A traitor inside the club is suspected.

Episode 9: What a Piece of Work is Man: The club makes an important decision in order to get a member back. The entire organization is in a state of conflict.

Episode 10: Faith and Despondency: Everyone is handling their grief differently. Abel (played by Evan and Ryder Londo) finds out that Wendy is his mother.

Episode 11: Suits of Woe: The entire organization comes down on the rebel Redwood California based club. President Jax has to face up to an unpleasant reality.

Episode 12: Red Rose: Some truths are revealed and Jax has a decision to make. What was Nero (played by Jimmy Smits) doing in the garage.

Episode 13: Papa’s Goods: President Jax takes final steps towards fulfilling his father’s legacy. He ties up all of his loose ends.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes, Gag Reel, Carpe Diem: The Final Season of Sons of Anarchy, Anarchy Legacy, Bikes of Sons of Anarchy: Motorcycles of Mayhem, SOA Tattoo Stories, Guests of Anarchy

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