Lupe Fiasco – Tetsuo & Youth

lupe fiasco tetsuo and youthLyrics. Dense lyrics. Lyrics that will take many, many listens to even scrape the surface of. That is what rapper Lupe Fiasco’s fifth album is based upon. Setting upon trying to understand the meaning of the words coming out of his mouth is interesting enough but there is also the incredible music backing up his words. Lupe Fiasco is going against every rap stereotype. Clever in his raps about math and yoga rarely stooping to the lowest common denominator level. A connecting theme (bleakness and desolation) runs throughout including the nine minute gangsta rap, “Mural”. Though he does rap about growing up on the streets and dangers of the hood it is all cerebral in nature. A dark body of work that refers back often to the problems plaguing his hometown, Chicago. Backing all this up with orchestral arrangements and jazz funk it makes this his strongest body of work yet. Unique production. No relying on radio friendly beats or auto tune. The strongest song is the dark “Deliver”. The juxtapositioning of a heavy baseline and a light bell sound is brilliant and catchy. Forging his own path and that path is one of becoming the rap artists many predicted he would.

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