We Are Not Alone @ Segal Centre – February 25, 2015

we are not alone“We Are Not Alone“ is a brilliant play written and performed by Damien Atkins. It investigates the possibility of the existence of other life in the universe in an imaginative, informative, comical and sometimes scary manner.


The effective set consists of one stool, one microphone and stand, one large distorted mirror facing the audience that tilts, six chairs, a water bottle, an electronic cigarette, a pocket flashlight and a few strategically placed stage lights. The sound and effects are perfectly on cue and help keep up the rapid pace of the show and the audience’s interest focused to what is going on on stage.


The immense cast of one is what impressed me the most. Damien exquisitely played a multitude of realistic and unique characters that interacted with each other captivating your attention and bringing the stage to life. Over and over just when you think you’ve seen it all he pulls another few distinct personalities out of his magic hat.


While there does not seem to be an answer to the question that haunts some of us, Damien’s painstaking research certainly indicates strong arguments for both sides about the possibility of the existence of aliens……. or not. When Damien frankly asked us who believed I looked around the theatre to see a room full of reluctant to respond people that seemed to be like a deer blinded by the headlights of an oncoming flying saucer and I found myself wondering if there might in fact be aliens among us in this very theatre. This is how effective his point, research and performance is in stimulating one’s imagination.


After having gone on this exciting 90 minute ride with Damien and his umpteen personalities in this excellent thought provoking experience, I was in fact very motivated to review what my position was on this topic. As I left the lovely Segal Centre and drove home I could not help but think how much I felt a cosmic loneliness and a spiritual need to believe that we as a living planet in the vastness of the universe might not actually be alone?  For some reason while I was driving the Jimi Hendrix “Are You Experienced“ tune kept running through my head.  Well, I decided that I am experienced …. if only by having gone to see “We Are Not Alone“. I suggest you go too during this much too short a run. I suspect it will be extended or return for another visit to check up on us.

Photos by Andree Lanthier





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