brooklyn nine nine season oneWhen I first saw articles and subsequently commercials for this comedy I dismissed it immediately. It looked silly and childish. Then it arrived in my review pile and I was tasked with watching the entire first season then writing about it. Though I realized that it is silly I soon figured out that it was done well. From the producers of the American The Office and Parks and Recreation the series features an absurd kind of humour that if you are in the mood for it rather tickles the funny bone with all its craziness.

Jake Peralta (played by Andy Samberg) is a New York police detective in the Nine-Nine division situated in the Brooklyn borough. To say that he goes about his job in a lighthearted manner would be an understatement. The guy does not follow any rules nor does he care to. He goes about his job with an overt disregard for authority or any sort of proper police behaviour. Yet he is the most successful detective in his division arresting more criminals than anyone else. He and he fellow detective have an adjustment to make when a new uptight, rule abiding Captain is brought in.

Episode 1: Pilot: Detective Jake Peralta and his squad mates are used to have a captain that lets them do as they please. When Captain Holt (played by Andre Braugher) arrives to take over there is a huge adjustment to make.

Episode 2: The Tagger: Captain Holt gives Jake a case involving a graffitier but Jake feels it is below his capabilities. Things get stickier when the tagger ends up being the Deputy Commissioner’s son.

Episode 3: The Slump: Jake is on a losing streak when it comes to solving cases and the other detectives don’t want his bad luck to rub off on them. Captain Holt asks Amy (played by Melissa Fumero) to run the Junior Policeman Program for at risk youth.

Episode 4: M.E. Time: Jake slows down the medical examiner when he begins sleeping with her. The sketch artist is out sick so Amy asks Sergeant Jeffords (played by Terry Crew) to take over.

Episode 5: The Vulture: Jake is angry when a detective (played by Dean Winters) he hates from Special Crimes arrives in time to take over his case just before he solves it. To exact his revenge Jake gets his fellow detectives to help him find the murder weapon before The Vulture does.

Episode 6: Halloween: It is Halloween night and Amy is not happy when she is assigned to go undercover on street patrol. At the precinct Jake bets Captain Holt that he can steal his medal of valour before midnight.

Episode 7: 48 Hours: Jake makes an arrest but does not have much proof. This leaves him with 48 hours to come up with some evidence or he has to release the man he has arrested.

Episode 8: Old School: Jake is excited to spend the day with his hero, Jimmy Brogan (played by Stacey Keach). Terry and Charles (played by Joe Lo Truglio) attempt to teach Rosa (played by Stephanie Beatriz) to be less terrifying on the witness stand.

Episode 9: Sal’s Pizza: Sal’s Pizza has burned down and the owner is the number one suspect. At the precinct a computer virus publishes everyone’s browser history.

Episode 10: Thanksgiving: Amy decides to host a Thanksgiving dinner for all the detectives and Captain Holt. Captain Holt and Jake end up having to leave to try to catch a theif.

Episode 11: Christmas: Captain Holt has gotten some death threats so he assigns Jake to be his security. Amy tries to get the precinct to take a Christmas photo for Captain Holt.

Episode 12: Pontiac Bandit: Jake tries to get information from one of Amy’s perps about the Pontiac Bandit. Captain Holt tries to find a home for two puppies.

Episode 13: The Bet: Jake and Amy’s bet about who can make the most arrests is coming to an end. Charles receives a medal after being shot while in the line of duty.

Episode 14: The Ebony Falcon: Terry is almost ready to return to active duty. Amy and Rosa investigate a breaking and entering at Gina’s (played by Chelsea Peretti).

Episode 15: Operation: Broken Feather: Jake is angry when he finds out that Amy might leave the Nine-Nine for the Special Crime unit. Captain Holt and Sergeant Jeffords attempt to make the precinct more efficient.

Episode 16: The Party: The detectives go to Captain Holt’s house to attend his birthday party. They all end up not impressing his husband.

Episode 17: Full Boyle: Charles new romance has changed him in making him more confident. Jake feels he has to intervene before he goes “Full Boyle”.

Episode 18: The Apartment: Jake is in financial trouble and Gina tries to help him. Captain Holt and Sergeant Jeffords do performance reviews for the entire precinct.

Episode 19: Tactical Village: It is off to a training course for the entire precinct to compete in the regional competition. Amy runs into Teddy (played by Kyle Bornheimer), a detective she used to date.

Episode 20: Fancy Brudgom: Charles asks Jake to be his Best Man. Terry, Gina and Amy all go on an extreme diet.

Episode 21: Unsolvable: Jake is bothered by the fact that Amy is taking her relationship with Teddy to the next level. He distracts himself by working all weekend on a case that has remained unsolved for eight years.

Episode 22: Charges and Specs: Deputy Commissioner Podalski (played by James M. Connor) orders Jake to stop investigating a civic leader on money laundering charges. Jake decides to continue the investigation and gets Amy and Captain Holt to help him.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes, Previews of The Office, 30 Rock, Eureka, Warehouse 13, Chicago P.D., Chicago Fire, Grimm, Dracula