Barbie in Princess Power – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

barbie in princess powerDespite the advances in women’s lot in life the non-progressive Barbie has continued on in popularity. Barbie has given women unattainable body image standards and a life wrapped up in looks, commercial goods and men. Nothing forward thinking at all and yet she has remained popular with the female of the species – young and old. Barbie forges on in all her blonde and buxomness.

This time Barbie (like she is an actual actress) portrays Kara (Kelly Sheridan – Barbie: The Pearl Princess) a modern day princess who just longs for a normal life. Unlike other privileged young ladies she thinks about things of substance like helping the less fortunate and planting gardens that will benefit many. This is all to the befuddlement of her friends and the disapproval of her parents – the King (Michael Adamthwaite – The Twilight Saga: New Moon, Watchmen) and Queen (Patricia Drake – John Tucker Must Die, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants). Her parents just want her to learn the ropes of becoming a royal and to focus on safer (in their minds) things like attending balls and other royal functions.

Things change for Kara when one day quite by accident she is kissed by a butterfly. Thinking it is just your average butterfly Kara thinks nothing of it. The butterfly was actually a magical creature that bestows some incredible new powers upon the young princess. Once Kara discovers that she is now super strong and can fly she is at first befuddled and then decides to put her new abilities to good use. Kara secretly becomes superhero Super Sparkle. Fighting all crime within her parents’ kingdom.

Only a couple of her closest friends know that Kara is actually Super Sparkle. Kara keeps it quite knowing full well her parents would forbid her from flying around after criminals. A secret like this is hard to keep and when it becomes known to her jealous cousin, Corinne (Britt Irvin – The Vow, Hot Rod), who soon seeks out a butterfly to kiss her and when super powers are bestowed her she takes on the persona of Dark Sparkle. Dark Sparkle becomes Super Sparkle’s nemesis and a rivalry is struck.

Barbie as a superhero. It is nothing original, but it is effective. After watching this video what little girl is not going to be running around pretending she has super powers? Effective. The people behind the Barbie franchise are no dummies; they know what sells.

There are two reasons that you parents out there should purchase or download this Barbie film are thus: In an attempt to sell this to parents as well (knowing that little girls will want to watch it over and over they have tried to add in a dimension that will make it palatable to older viewers) there are plenty of cute and oftentimes funny pop culture references thrown in. Enough that parents won’t want to be pulling their eyes out. The other plus is the suddenly popular trend of having strong and even superhero female roles. That is taken on here and though there is some laziness and bandwagon jumping on going on it is done generally positively.

Special Features:
-“Soaring” Music Video
-“Superhero Beat” Music Video
-“Anything is Possible” Music Video
-Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse Episode

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