mork and mindy the fourth seasonNever has an alien on television been more loveable and loved…ok, maybe Alf. It is about time that they began releasing this series. It is a lot of fun watching Mork (played by Robin Williams) learn about life on Earth and see Mindy (played by Pam Dawber) struggle with trying to teach him about human behaviour. Of course the star of it all is Robin Williams. The show is right in his wheelhouse as it allows him to try out a multitude of crazy voices, act like a loon and ad-lib plenty. Watch this and see a comedic actor in his element. Season four is the last season as Robin Williams would go on to bigger and better things.


Episode 1: Limited Engagement: Mork is a bundle of nerves as he tries to figure out how to propose to Mindy. When he finally asks Mindy is undecided what to do.


Episode 2: The Wedding: Orson (played by Ralph James) forbids Mork from marrying Mindy as it is against Orkan ways. The two decide to go ahead with the wedding anyway.


Episode 3: The Honeymoon: Mindy and Mork travel to Ork for their honeymoon. Mindy is excited but worried about hurtling through space in an egg.


Episode 4: Three the Hard Way: Mork is surprised to find out that he is pregnant. Mork now has to convince Mindy of the fact.


Episode 5: Mama Mork, Papa Mindy: Mindy and Mork are now parents of a half Orkan-half human they name Mearth (played by Jonathan Winters). Mindy is upset by the fact that Mearth seems to like Mork better.


Episode 6: My Dad Can’t Beat Up Anybody: Mork dons his space suit and becomes a crime fighter in order to win over his son. When a criminal threatens Mearth Mork loses control of his temper.


Episode 7: Long Before We Met…: After attending Mindy’s high school reunion Mork finds himself jealous of her former boyfriend (played by Robin Strand). He uses his powers to travel back in time to Mindy’s high school prom to see if she would pick him.


Episode 8: Rich Mork, Poor Mork: Mork begins to buy Mearth a ton of presents and Mindy worries about him becoming spoiled. When she makes Mork return them Mearth believes they don’t love him anymore.


Episode 9: Alienation: Mearth is really upset because he is different from other Earth kids. Distraught he runs away from home and ends up being taken away by cult members called Utopians.


Episode 10: P.S. 2001: Mearth really does not have a good time at his first day of school. Mork and Mindy decide to travel with him to Ork to see what is going on.


Episode 11: Pajama Game II: Mork and Mindy make a deal with Mearth that if he keeps his room tidy he can have a sleep over. They don’t know what to think when he invites his voluptuous female classmate Zolka (played by Maureen Arthur).


Episode 12: Present Tenets: Mearth is away for a week and Mindy suggests that Mork and she spend some time together. Mork goes overboard trying to impress her with a Moroccan feast complete with a belly dancer.


Episode 13: Metamorphosis – The TV Show: Mindy is worried about losing her job at the television station. Mork and Mearth transfer minds by accident and Mindy has to bring Mork (really Mearth) to meet her new boss.


Episode 14: Drive, She Said: Mork believes that the man assigned to give him his driving test is the Devil. His test becomes a wild ride especially since Mearth and Mindy are in the car.


Episode 15: I Don’t Remember Mama: Mork is busy with his family so is not reporting back to Ork as much as he is supposed to. Angry at Mork, Orson depletes him of all his Earth memories.


Episode 16: Mork, Mindy and Mearth Meet Milt: Using parts from Ork, Mork builds a home computer and calls it Milt. Milt is so smart and domineering that he takes Mork, Mindy and Mearth hostage.


Episode 17: Midas Mork: Mork learns how to make gold from polyester. With his newfound riches he buys Mindy a mansion with a stable for her new horse and hires tennis star Tracy Austin as Mearth’s coach.


Episode 18: Cheerleader in Chains: Mork uses Orkan ways to free Mindy, who was put in jail after refusing to divulge a source. Mearth is at home alone anxiously waiting for mom to come home.


Episode 19: Gotta Run (Part 1): Mork is thrilled when he and Mindy meet Katnik (played by Joe Regalbuto), a Neptunian who is married to a human. The four seem to have everything in common…or do they?


Episode 20: Gotta Run (Part 2): Mork, Mindy and Mearth are on the run from Katnik. Katnik catches up to them as they hide at an Arizona fat farm.


Episode 21: Gotta Run (Part 3): Mork puts on his ruby red time-travel shoes in order to escape from Katnik. By accident Mork and Mindy ride a time warp back to caveman time.


Episode 22: The Mork Report: Mork asks Orson for a promotion on Planet Ork. To do so he writes a wild report on how to stay happily married on Earth.


Special Features: Gag Reel 1, Gag Reel 2, 2 Happy Days Episodes: My Favorite Orkan and Mork Returns (8th Anniversary show), Gag Reel 3