kelly clarkson piece by piecePiece by Piece is the former American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson’s seventh album and she has gone back to the past for inspiration. Not that far but to the eighties. The music on the album is all synths, John Hughes movies inspired and Pat Benatar type vocals. She is up to the task as far as the vocals go; there is no doubt the lady has strong and pliable pipes. The makeup of the album is equal parts pop music and power ballad. It is all big hair stuff. “Heartbeat Song” is the first single off the album and for those of you who were in high school in the eighties is will be like stepping back in time. There are plenty of layers and variety to be found so don’t be scared away by all my eighties talk. The songs are of the type that grow on you the more you listen to them. Well rounded with some clever lyrics and catchy beats. No doubt that she is one of the few American Idol alumnae that is here to stay.