kroll show seasons 1 and 2Some comedic actors are made for skit shows whereas others aren’t. It is a tough gig. A whole different animal than regular scripted comedy. Very few make the cut on shows like Key & Peele, Mad TV, Saturday Night Live or Kroll Show. Nick Kroll of The League fame is up to the test. He can play a variety of characters each with their own oddity or quirk about them. In this show Kroll takes society’s obsession with stars, reality television and pop culture and turns it into a multitude of funny characters. It is definitely not your typical show with its tongue in cheek look at our culture and its obsession with famous people and being famous. Guest starts include some of the most popular comedic actors working today like Fred Armisen, Amy Poehler, Chelsea Peretti, Will Forte, and Ed Helms.

Episode 1: San Diego Diet: Skits include Publizity and Wheels Ontario.

Episode 2: Soaked in Success: Skits include Rich Dicks and Armond of the House.

Episode 3: Secret Room: Skits include Ghost Bouncers and Visiting Europe: Spotted on Hostels.

Episode 4: Too Much Tuna: Skits include Super Deluxe Fun Loan and Too Much Tuna.

Episode 5: Can I Finish?: Skits include Don’t Judge Me Judge Judy, Pony Tails and Fabrice Fabrice.

Episode 6: Dine + Dash: Skits include Congratulation Graduates of 2012, Roman’s Empire and Vagos Ballasteros Count Down.

Episode 7: Ice Dating: Skits include Ice Dating, KPBA 102 and Locked In.

Episode 8: Please God: Skits include Bobby Bottleservice: Full Service Wedding Service, Barking Up the Right Tree and Happy Birthday.

Episode 9: Cake Train: Skits include Dad Academy and Cake Train.

Episode 10: #Canadieansafesex: Skits include Show Us Your Songs Toronto, Hippie Fights Vol. 7 and Very Much Reluctant Gigolos.

Episode 11: Oh Armond: Skits include Rocks & Roll and Armond of the House Arrest.

Episode 12: Sponsored by Stamps: Skits include Making Friends, Nash Ricky’s Rock’n Reunion and Overheard College.

Episode 13: Krolling Around with Nick Clown: Skits include Signing Bonus, Madison Chooses and Get Out!

Episode 14: Mother Daughter Sister Wife: Skits include Gigolo House and Live Letter.

Episode 15: Finger Magnets: Skits include The San Diego Mindset, The Legend of Young Larry Bird and Fat Dad Dirty House: The Curse of Cassandra.

Episode 16: Mercury Poisoning: Skits include Pawnsylvania, Ronald Funches, Public Defender and Oh, Hello.

Episode 17: Bounce: Skits include Can I Finish?, First to Judgement – Dana Hawke and The Ballad of Bobby B.: A Hip Hop Ballad.

Episode 18: Banff is on Fire: Skits include House of Armond and Too Much Love.

Episode 19: Blisteritos Presents Dad Academy Graduation Congraduritos Red Carpet Viewing Party: Skits include Blisteritos They’ll Blow Your Mind, Dad Academy: Graduation Special and Dad Academy After Dark.

Special Features: Bobby B. My Valentine Publizit Interview, Kroll Choice Awards – Sizzle Reel, Bryan La Croix Live Performance, Episode 200 “The Greatest Hits of It”, Uncut Armond Trial, Music Videos: El-ay! De-lay!, NTR 2 Win, Oh Armond! Karaoke Videos: Beats and Rice, El-ay! De-lay!, Move Around, NTR 2 Win, Oh Armond!, Ottwanna Got to Bed, Poconos