Veep: The Complete Third Season – Blu-ray Edition

veep the complete third seasonThough I don’t know anyone who watches this show that is not an indication of the quality. This one is a keeper. It is funny and filled with talented comedic actors. The premise is former Senator Selina Meyer (played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus) has accepted the position of Vice President of the United States. She finds out very quickly that the job is not exactly as she pictured it. Paddling furiously to keep afloat, Selina and her staff work their hardest to do the job and make an impression.


Episode 1: Some New Beginnings: Selina is in Iowa for a book signing. While there she hears something through the grapevine that could have an effect on the next election.


Episode 2: The Choice: Selina and her staff spend the day with the Coast Guard. Jonah (played by Timothy Simons) starts a new blog.


Episode 3: Alicia: Selina gets ready to announce her candidacy. Dan (played by Reid Scott) finds out that Saturday Night Live has done a Selina Meyers skit.


Episode 4: Clovis: Selina is on a fund raising trip and has some trouble with the questions being asked of her. Dan makes plans to spread a rumour about Chung (played by Randall Park).


Episode 5: Fishing: On the sly, Selina has a lunch with someone she is interested in as her campaign manager. Dan and Amy (played by Anna Chlumsky) are both interested in the position.


Episode 6: Detroit: Selina travels to Detroit for an economic summit. Catherine (played by Sarah Sutherland) tries to keep a protester off her mother’s radar.


Episode 7: Special Relationship: It is the 100th anniversary of World War I and Selina is off to the U.K. for the marking of it. Ben (played by Kevin Dunn) is summoned back to the United States.


Episode 8: Debate: Selina is prepping for a debate with her primary opponents. An article about the Vice President is written by Mike’s (played by Matt Walsh) wife.


Episode 9: Crate: With Thornhill ahead in the polls Selina and her staff try to come up with ways to make her more appealing to the voters. A rather arrogant journalist interviews Selina.


Episode 10: New Hampshire: We are now just ahead of the New Hampshire primary. Selina and her staff have to juggle lots of campaign stops and other obligations.


Special Features: Deleted Scenes

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