van morrison duets reworking the catalogueSometimes the music industry involves some treasure hunting. That is what occurred with Irish troubadour Van Morrison. His latest album involved him looking back over his incredible body of work and uncovering some forgotten or underappreciated musical treasures. Duet albums are usually the lazy man’s way of fulfilling a record contract. In other words, it involves minimal effort to do and usually results in nothing worthwhile. Such has never been the case with a Van Morrison album. The eccentric and oftentimes crabby musical genius never takes the easy way out of things. He looked back over his extensive catalogue and unearthed some songs that he felt deserved another go around. To breathe some new life and perspective into the fourteen songs he turned to some of his music friends. These music friends are some of the best musicians to ever record music. When you can call upon people like Taj Mahal, Michael Bublé, Bobby Womack, Mavis Staples, George Benson, Mick Hucknall, Natalie Cole, Steve Winwood, Mark Knopfler, and Joss Stone you know that despite your reputation for being difficult people admire and want to work with you. Listen with new ears and a fresh perspective to songs you might not know or have previously overlooked. Songs like “Some Peace of Mind”, “These Are the Days” and “Real Real Gone”. You won’t regret it.