Laura Marling – Short Movie

laura marling short movieLyrically Laura Marling is part poet, part storyteller and part painter. The picture she paints with her words is so vivid that you fall deeply into the world of the songs she sings. Complete and complex worlds. The Brit is part Picasso and part Dylan. On top of all that wonder is the fact that she is a wonderful guitar player. That is never more clear than on this her fifth album. Her acoustic guitar is an extension of her own soul in many a song. Conveying all the emotions that she is relaying through her songs. The diversity of sound over the album is astonishing at times. Not just willing to settle into a folk rut she seems willing and able to dive into whatever musical genre best serves the song Marling is performing. Jazz serves “Gurdjieff’s Daughter”, “Walk Alone” is folk, “False Hope” is all about the rock, and “Strange” is blues at its saddest. Each song is well thought out, paid service to and buoyed by strong production. Artistic au bout! A strong album with some painterly inclinations which leads me to believe that her masterpiece is just over the horizon.

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