chicago fire season twoMany a child when asked what they want to be when they grow up answer firefighter. Firefighters are almost mythical characters that are looked at with envy, awe and respect. Chicago Fire, from the mind of the man who brought us Law & Order – Dick Wolf, follows the lives of the firefighters and paramedics from Firehouse 51 on a daily basis on the job and at home. More stress is heaped upon these men and women when their firehouse is one of a shortlist of a few stations that are targeted for shutdown. They all decide to do what they can to save the firehouse they love.
Episode 1: A Problem House: A new consultant, Gail McLeod (played by Michelle Forbes), seems determined to close Firehouse 51 as it seems personal between her and Chief Wallace Boden (played by Eamonn Walker). An arsonist seems to have targeted Kelly Severide (played by Taylor Kinney).

Episode 2: Prove It: Heather Darden (played by Chaon Cross) has been arrested for DUI manslaughter, so it is up to Matthew Casey (played by Jesse Spencer) to take care of her two young sons. Severide is doing everything he can to stop the arsonist.

Episode 3: Defcon 1: Casey is struggling with being responsible for the raising of two young boy even with help from Gabriela Dawson (played by Monica Raymund). Severide believes that it is a former firefighter from Firehouse 51 who is the arsonist.

Episode 4: A Nuisance Call: A crime boss is shaking down the owners of Molly’s. Dawson finds out something about a customer at the bar.

Episode 5: A Power Move: Severide is thinking about leaving Firehouse 51 for a position on the Arson Squad. After witnessing something traumatic paramedic Leslie Shay (played by Lauren German) engages in some destructive behaviour.

Episode 6: Joyriding: Mouch’s (played by Christian Stolte) campaign for union president begins to fall apart. Molly’s bar is lit on fire by the crime boss.

Episode 7: No Regrets: A big train derailment tests those in Firehouse 51. Tension erupts between Dawson and Shay.

Episode 8: Rhymes With Shout: A dangerous situation for Casey and Dawson leads to a first kiss. Boden and Mouch have a plan of how to control McLeod.

Episode 9: You Will Hurt Him: Joe Cruz’s (played by Joe Minoso) younger brother sacrifices his future to do a the right, but dangerous, thing. McLeod’s talk of shutting down Firehouse 51 becomes more concrete.

Episode 10: Not Like This: Each member of Firehouse 51 fights the shutdown in their own way. Dawson gets a letter from the Fire Academy.

Episode 11: Shoved in My Face: Casey returns to duty and he finds there are signs that the effects of his injury are not completely gone. Shay has a new partner – Allison Rafferty (played by Christine Evangelista).

Episode 12: Out With a Bang: Casey asks Severide for help in managing the residual effects of his injury. Peter Mills (played by Charlie Barnett) has an eventful first day as an official member of Firehouse 51.

Episode 13: Tonight’s the Night: A big cold snap brings a serious black out over a large part of Chicago. Firehouse 51 becomes a safe haven from many residents of the area.

Episode 14: Virgin Skin: Dawson puts all her energies towards passing the firefighter’s test. In her class is another female named Rebecca Jones (played by Daisy Betts), the daughter of a high ranking firefighter.

Episode 15: Keep Your Mouth Shut: Severide seeks vengeance on Vince Keeler (played by Jake Weary), who assaulted his sister, Katie (played by Brittany Curran). After failing the physical test, Dawson returns to working on the ambulance.

Episode 16: A Rocket Blasting Off: Police are looking at members of Firehouse 51 when Vince Keelor disappears. Casey and Boden are forced to make a tough call in regards to Jones.

Episode 17: When Things Get Rough: A fire in which a heroic man sacrifices himself to save his entire family really affects the men and women of Firehouse 51. Severide attempts to help another firefighter, Dave Bloom (played by W. Earl Brown).

Episode 18: Until Your Feet Leave the Ground: Severide puts himself in a delicate position in order to help Bloom. Shay and Dawson go away on a girl’s weekend and end up working.

Episode 19: A Heavy Weight: Casey prepares to propose to Dawson. Firehouse 51 deals with the aftermath of an unexpected tragedy.

Episode 20: A Dark Day: A bomb explodes during a hospital charity event. Firehouse 51 scrambles to find Dawson, who was inside the hospital at the time of the explosion.

Episode 21: 8:30 P.M. (Chicago P.D. Crossover Episode): Chicago P.D. Intelligence division investigates the bombing at Chicago Med. There is a third bomb in play and Chicago P.D. works with the Feds to try and locate the anti-government activist.

Episode 22: One More Shot: The time is approaching for Dawson to take her Academy test and she is still on duty. Devon (played by Vedette Lim) attempts an apology to Shay.

Episode 23: Real Never Waits: Severide is crushed after a severely burnt young boy is found in a room he cleared at a fire in a boarding school. Christopher Herrmann (played by David Eigenberg) attempts to come through for Boden in regards to his wedding.

Special Features: Behind the Scenes, Previews of Parenthood, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Covert Affairs, Psych, Bates Motel, House, and Friday Night Lights, “I Am a Firefighter” Digital Series, “Stepping Stone” – Chicago P.D. First Episode, “8:30 P.M.” – Chicago P.D. Crossover Episode