batman vs robinFans of Batman are used to him working in tandem with Robin. Robin is Batman’s sidekick usually but the world has gone topsy turvy in this film. The change up makes for an interesting and action packed change of pace feature film.


As is well known by all who know him, Batman (voiced by Jason O’Mara) has a strict no kill policy. His son Damian (voiced by Stuart Allan) has decided to fight crime side by side with his father and becomes the next Robin. Trouble arises when he finds himself having trouble sticking to the no kill rule and as such begins to think that the secret society known as The Court of Owls might be the solution. Damian turns to them as his father tightens his control over the youngster, who begins to question who he really is. This is when The Court of Owls seizes their opportunity and swoops in on the conflicted youngster. Will Robin adhere to his father’s ways or will he become an assassin?


This indecision plays right into The Court of Owls hands as they are trying to take over Gotham City. Having Damian on their side would complicate things for the city’s defender, Batman.


Despite their success at the box office, in many ways the animated versions of Marvel characters are of better quality than their live action compatriots. First of all the animation is great full of colour, sharp lines and fluidity. Plus director Jay Oliva has really got a handle on the depiction of Gotham as a dark place. He does it well and it adds plenty to the overall atmosphere. Second, the voice acting is strong. It took me a while to get used to Jason O’Mara as Batman but when I did I really enjoyed what he did with the character. The only downside I could think of was that the title was a little misleading as very little actual conflict happens between father and son; a better title would have been Batman vs. The Court of Owls.

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