Inside Amy Schumer: Season 1 & 2

inside amy schumer seasons 1 and 2Comedienne Amy Schumer switches in between sketch comedy, stand-up and interviews on the street in her own Comedy Central show. When it comes to stand-up comedy it is mainly a male world and even more so when it comes to filthy comedy. This is not typically a woman’s world, but Schumer is fixing to stake her territory within the filthy comedy territory. Seasons one and two of her show deals with sex, relationships and life in general. Keep your eyes peeled for guest appearances by Tig Notaro, Rob Schneider, Lisa Lampanelli, Missi Pyle, Michael Ian Black, Zach Braff, Josh Charles, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Rachel Dratch, Patrick Warburton, Chrissy Tiegen, Parker Posey, Janeane Garofalo, Kathy Najimy, Colin Quinn, Jon Dore, and Paul Giamatti.

Season One:
Episode 1: Bad Decisions: His and her reactions to one night stands. I endured…. Amy Goes Deep.

Episode 2: Real Sext: O’Nutters. Sexy Pictures. Amy talks to a stripper.

Episode 3: A Porn Star is Born: I have AIDS. Crossbolt and Butterface. What is your favourite type of porn?

Episode 4: The Horror: Porn from the woman’s point of view. This haircut is awful. I fart when I get scared.

Episode 5: Gang Bang: Stories of feminist bravery. Tig has cancer. Any talks to a dominatrix.

Episode 6: Meth Lab: Slap Chef. Get Up! Sleep Gym.

Episode 7: Unpleasant Truths: Four handed massage. Couples therapy for men. Comforsleep.

Episode 8: Clown Panties: Jason’s Make-a-Wish. Skipping therapy. Bootyfine auditions really is an intervention. Amy talks to a 6-year-old.

Episode 9: Terrible People: Cat Park. I’d love to speak to my grandmother one more time. Ashley . 5k run for breast cancer.

Episode 10: Sex Tips: 500 sex tips. NYZ News. How Will this Relationship End? Love Tub.

Season Two:
Episode 1: You Would Bang Her?: Martin Daniels Interracial Wedding Photographer. Schumerenka vs. Everett. You can’t go in there. Amy talks to a porn producer/editor.

Episode 2: I’m so Bad: Finger Blasters. Amy talks to a sex columnist. Amy takes a nerd to prom.

Episode 3: A Chick Who Can Hang: Hello M’lady. The Foodroom created by Aaron Sorkin. Amy talks to a phone sex operator.

Episode 4: Boner Doctor: The U Hotel. Chrissy Tiegen, clinical social worker. New body. Gym Bummers. Amy talks to a weed delivery boy.

Episode 5: Allergic to Nuts: Cut 2 the Chase. Plastic Solutions. Amy talks to 4 male comedians.

Episode 6: Down for Whatever: Celebrity Spooky Stories. Stolen Years from DeFears. My Dream Break-Up.

Episode 7: Slow Your Roll: Inkblot vaginas. Mom computer therapy. Amy talks to a pervert.

Episode 8: Tyler Perry’s Episode 208: Sandra Gel. The Nurses. Amy talks to a flight attendant.

Episode 9: Raise a Glass: Is this elevator going to hell? Sauced. So let’s raise a glass.

Episode 10: Slut-Shaming: Sex prep. Who’s More Over Their Ex? The Gab.

Special Features: Season One Stand-Up, Behind Amy Schumer, Unaired Sketches, Season Two Stand-Up

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