antarcticaAt the bottom of the planet we call home lies an icy and largely mysterious world. We call this place Antarctica. It is probably the harshest climate and as such, hardest place for humans to live. That being said people do live there. This feature length documentary takes a look at those people.

Throughout Antarctica there are research stations staffed by a bunch of people working and trying to survive in this ice cold kingdom. The staffs are made up of scientist, craftsmen and technicians. Each brings their different set of skill sets in order to make survival and study of the environment possible. The staffs have to live and try to work under very difficult conditions. At certain points there is almost twenty-four hour darkness while at others the sun does not set. Then there is the isolation. All of this together along with the mind numbing cold is enough to drive anyone to the brink.

Director and screenwriter Anthony Powell does his darndest to capture the beauty and the horror that is this part of the world. There is incredible beauty and at the same time rough, impenetrable terrain that would test even the hardiest of people. Those that live there are true adventurers and battle through a variety of tests to survive or even thrive there.

Despite what you might think there is plenty of variety. One moment there is just a fight for survival against a brutal storm while the next there is tons of mundane moments. Humour and boredom are ever present. See one of the planet’s last largely untouched areas.

All this affords you the viewer a bird’s eye view of a world and survival within it very few have had the opportunity to see.

Special Features: Behind the Scenes Footage, Commentary from Director Anthony Powell, Outtakes, Theatrical Trailer