The Musketeers: The Complete Second Season – Blu-ray Edition

All for one and one for all. We all know that this is the motto for the Musketeers. Written by Alexandre Dumas the novel has been beloved for hundreds of years. Many a film director has undertaken bringing the tale of four elite French swordsmen with all its adventure, fun and swashbuckling. Now you can enjoy their adventures on the small screen through this BBC series.


Episode 1: Keep Your Friends Close: After the death of Richelieu, the Musketeers save the Comte de Rochefort (played by Marc Warren) who happens to be the Cardinal’s lieutenant. Queen Anne (played by Alexandra Dowling) has given birth to a son.


Episode 2: An Ordinary Man: A well known criminal kidnaps both King Louis (played by Ryan Gage) and D’Artagnan (played by Luke Pasqualino). The Musketeers race out to rescue the King and their friend.

the musketeers season two

Episode 3: The Good Traitor: The dauphin is ill and so Constance (played by Tamia Kari) takes matters into her own hands. A Spanish general offers to trade some new fangled type of gunpowder for his daughter, who has been kidnapped.


Episode 4: Emilie: A French girl who believes that God is speaking to her raises an army to wage war against the Spanish. Aramis goes undercover as a disciple of Emilie (played by Emma Lowndes).


Episode 5: The Return: Some villagers living on Athos’ (played by Tom Burke) land abduct him. They mean him now harm, rather they want him to protect them from a baron.


Episode 6: Through a Glass Darkly…: An astronomer invites the King to his place to watch an eclipse. Really it is a way to take him prisoner.


Episode 7: A Marriage of Inconvenience: The King’s cousin, Princess Louise of Mantua (played by Perdita Weeks), is readying to marring the crown prince of Sweden. Several attempts are made on her life so the Musketeers are called on to protect Louise.


Episode 8: The Prodigal Father: Porthos (played by Howard Charles) finds out information about his parents and has some questions for his father. What he finds out makes him question his ties to the Musketeers.


Episode 9: The Accused: The Queen is accused of treason. The Musketeers bring her somewhere safe while they try to prove that Rochefort is a spy.


Episode 10: Trial and Punishment: Constance is about to be executed so D’Artagnan and Athos attempt a rescue. In Paris Aramis (played by Santiago Cabrera) is to stand trial for adultery with the Queen.


Special Features: The Music of The Musketeers, Building the Queen’s Chambers, Building the Astroglobe, Behind-the –Scenes Featurette

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