led zeppelin physical graffitiPicture it it’s 1975 and hard rock band Led Zeppelin, after nothing from them for two years, releases a double album and it is as brilliant as it is rambling, expansive and varied. The band was experimenting with new sounds but there is nary a misstep to be found. Besides their go to blues you get some Middle Eastern flavourings, folk, rock and even a little bit of country. There seems to be nothing they cannot do. This was pretty much the height of the band’s powers.  The best known track from the album is “Kashmir”, a song with massive guitar riffs that have influenced many a band in the years that have followed it release. Not to be forgotten is John Bonham’s thumping drumming on the track. While listening to “In My Time of Dying” focus in on bassist John Paul Jones’ work as it shows what an important backbone he was for the band’s sound. The overall musicality of the band astonishes even today. With today’s technology the songs are even louder and clearer than ever before. Because this is the twenty-fifth anniversary edition you get some wonderful extras besides the original album like eight long tracks recorded during the winter of 1974 and some outtakes going back to 1970. If you are one of those rare folks who do not own any Zeppelin and are looking to learn about the band this is a great place to start as they are in great form on Physical Graffiti.