About a Boy: Season One

about a boy season 1Because the book by Nick Hornby was so good and then the subsequent film with Toni Collette and Hugh Grant was enjoyable I was not expecting a trifecta of enjoyment. I was wrong. The television version on NBC of About a Boy is different and yet worthwhile. This time Minnie Driver is the biggest name in it with David Walton and the young Benjamin Stockham rounding out the lead roles. The young Stockham is perfect in the role of the geeky yet adorable Marcus and Walton is cute and goofy enough to play Will. Minnie Driver has the trickiest role as the Mother Earth, vegan and non-gluten eating mother. In the series she is not prone to the debilitating bouts of depression that the character suffered from in the novel and film version. She is just quirky, but loveable. Holding it all together is director Jon Favreau who has previously worked on films like Iron Man and Chef.

Episode 1: Pilot: Marcus and his mother Fiona (played by Minnie Driver) move in next door to single guy, Will. Will starts seeing a single mom named Dakota (played by Leslie Bibb), who Will has led to believe that Marcus is his son Jonah.

Episode 2: About a Pool Party: Fiona asks Will to watch Marcus while she goes on a job interview. Will and Marcus end up on the high diving board at a wild pool party.

Episode 3: About a Godfather: Will’s best friend Andy (played by Al Madrigal) asks him to be Jonah’s godfather. Marcus and Will go bowling when Will is once again bailed on by Andy.

Episode 4: About a Girl: Marcus asks Will for girl advice as he is in love with his science partner. Will is trying to win back Dakota.

Episode 5: About a Plumber: Will is worried when Marcus starts looking at him like a father. Fiona thinks it is time to start dating again.

Episode 6: About a Bublé: Fiona has to work late each day so Marcus gets a key to the house. On his very first day coming home to an empty house he hurts himself.

Episode 7: About a Poker Night: Will hosts a poker night and Marcus goes on his first sleep over. Fiona joins the guys for poker and attracts the attention of T.J. (played by Zach Cregger).

Episode 8: About a Slopmaster: Andy fears that Will is becoming pathetic and forbids him from calling Sam (played by Adrianne Palicki) anymore. Fiona volunteers at Marcus’ school for a week.

Episode 9: About a Kiss: T.J. invites Fiona to game night when Will bows out. To make sure that T.J. and Fiona don’t date Will decides to attend game night.

Episode 10: About a Boy’s Dad: Marcus’ dad (played by Tony Hale) arrives for a short visit. Fiona’s ex stays with Will and ruins a moment between him and Sam.

Episode 11: About a Birthday Party: Will is Sam’s plus one at a hospital gala. Turns out it is the same day as Marcus’ birthday party that Will has insisted on throwing him.

Episode 12: About a Hammer: Will and Marcus begin building a treehouse. Sam moves in with Will after her building is condemned.

Episode 13: About a Rib Chute: Sam leaves for her new job in New York. Will is debating moving there with her.

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