The Three Stooges: Triple Feature – Volume One

the three stooges triple feature volume 1Sometimes it is great to just satisfy the child within us all. No matter what age we are. For those times The Three Stooges are just what the doctor ordered. Larry (played by Larry Fine), Moe (played by Moe Howard) and Curly (played by Curly Howard) are B movie, silly fun. Pop some popcorn, sit back and get your funny bone ready to be tickled.


Time Out for Rhythm directed by Sidney Salkow:

Kitty Brown (played by Ann Miller) is the maid for Frances Lewis (played by Rosemary Lane), a nightclub performer. Frances’ fiancé forbids Kitty from appearing at the club. That doesn’t stop her true talent from shining through and three talent agents offer her a contract. Things get wild when Larry, Moe and Curly are hired by the talent agency. Think Kiss Me Kate with The Three Stooges thrown into the mix.


Rockin’ in the Rockies directed by Vernon Keays:

Time has come for Rusty Williams (played by Jay Kirby) to go away to college so he leaves his cousin Shorty Williams (played by Moe Howard) in charge of the ranch. Shorty is really focused on prospecting so he goes into town to hire some help. He runs into two guys who are just two steps ahead of the law and hires them. Soon holes in the fence, escaped cattle, wrongly suspected cattle rustling, two female saloon singers and a valuable mineral ensue.


Have Rocket, Will Travel directed by David Lowell Rich:

The Stooges version of Abbott and Costello Go to Mars. The Three Stooges who are janitors at NASA accidentally get into a rocket and launch it. After traveling through outer space a little they land on a planet in which there is a talking unicorn and some kind of electronic creature.



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