Chicago – Chicago: Live in ’75

chicago live in 75From an historical moment in the band’s career that deserved to be preserved for future generations (i.e. – us) to have in order to appreciate what this band was all about. An historical moment because the band was pretty much at their height in regards to artistry. All the vocals by Robert Lamm (amazing since he did these shows with a broken leg) and Terry Kath are spot one with Peter Cetera having some blips, but when he is on there are few vocalists with a more pleasing tone. Terry Kath also demonstrates time and time again on his solos what a mastery of the instrument he possessed. He blew me away on tracks like “Now More Than Ever” and “6 to 4”. “Mongo” is twelve minutes of pure musicianship and these guys just having fun jamming. Other highlights include their take on the Beatles’ “Got to Get You Into My Life” and Walter Parazaider’s flute solo on “Searchin’”. The one disappointment is the sound quality as it is not the best. Not the worst, but not the best. I was hoping for clearer. I guess, even with today’s technology they could not clean it up totally. Don’t let the minor muddiness discourage you, however, as the band is playing hard and the concert deserves to be reheard and enjoyed again. Besides the great music, the added bonuses of the booklet and cool historical data are fun extras.

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