Showgirls – Blu-ray Edition

showgirlsI guess it takes a special kind of person to appreciate director Paul Verhoeven’s (Hollow Man, Basic Instinct) film “Showgirls”. I see the film as a fun camp classic, but many moviegoers just saw it as crap. The further we get away from the time it was released the more people learn to appreciate it for what it was. Verhoeven made a film that was so cheesy and poorly acted that it’s fun to watch. The stereotypes about women, Vegas and strippers are so plentiful that it is laughable. There’s no point claiming that the film is sexist or the like because it is so poorly done you cannot take it seriously. I think simply dismissing it as sexist is missing the point. Every art medium needs their ‘guilty pleasures’ like music needs Britney Spears and film needs Keanu Reeves. They are not really talented but they somehow entertain us. “Showgirls” is exactly like that as it is a bad film and yet we still find ourselves entertained.

Nomi (Elizabeth Berkley – The Curse of the Jade Scorpion, Any Given Sunday) is a girl who hitchhikes into Las Vegas with the hopes of becoming a dancer. She soon learns that Vegas has plenty of opportunities if you are young, pretty, have a good body, and don’t mind taking your clothes off. To pay the bills, Nomi finds herself stripping at the Cheetah Club. She hates it and does not give up on her dream of becoming a dancer. Her roommate Molly (Gina Ravera – Kiss the girls, Soul Food) is a seamstress on the show Goddess at the Stardust Hotel and she tells Nomi about an audition coming up for a chorus dancer. Nomi gets the job, but finds herself wanting more. She wants what lead dancer Cristal Connors (Gina Gershon – The Insider, Face/Off) has: fame, fortune and a powerful boyfriend (Kyle MacLachlan – from television’s Sex and the City). When push comes to shove (literally), Nomi has to figure out what lengths she is willing to go to in order to realize her dream.

Special Features:

-Lapdance Tutorial featuring the world famous girls of Scores
-A Showgirl Diary
-Trivia Tracy

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