Boz Skaggs – A Fool to Care

boz skaggs a fool to careThis is not your typical Boz Skaggs album. Not typical but still of a high quality. Using his gravelly voice and heap of experience, Boz Skaggs takes on material that few others would be up to. Lucinda William, Ray Parker Jr., Bonnie Raitt and drummer Steve Jordan join him on his tribute to American soul music. Of the twelve songs on the album eleven are covers with the one original, “Hell to Pay”, being a bluesy duet with the legendary Bonnie Raitt. This is substantial stuff and he proves that he is up to it. Covers of Fats Domino, Huey “Piano” Smith, Al Green, The Band and The Spinners take the listener through a musical voyage of the important genre. Not an album for everyone as it is on the slow side and might seem a little boring. The variety in the songs and sounds proves that heart is all that is essential in a good soul song.

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