The Jarrett Lobley Project – Better Days

the jarrett lobely project better daysThis guy is so busy being a doctor and a humanitarian that it is surprising that he has time to record an album. And yet he has. This is the first real studio release for The Jarret Lobley Project. It is a collective effort in that Dr. Jarrett Lobley wrote and recorded it with a group of friends/musicians. Along with his friend and music producer Mick Nash and the likes of Tara Martin (Ladies of the Canyon), Ryan Battistuzzi (Malajube) and Tim Doyle (The Planet Smashers) they recorded their long talked of debut album. Recorded in Montreal with finishing touches done in Jamaica Better Days was born. The intimacy of the lyrics born of this collective really resonates with any listener who takes the time to fully listen and appreciate them. All eight songs on the album speak of seemingly normal everyday occurrences that we call all related to. Musically you will hear touches of bands like The Stokes, Franz Ferdinand and even Muse.  The sound can change in a moment from delicate to jaunty with the always present harmonies and resulting layers of sound. It is different from what you would hear on the radio today but still very appealing in a unique kind of way.

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