Covert Affairs: Season Five – The Final Season

covert affairs season five the final seasonTaking up where Jennifer Garner left off with Alias Piper Perabo brought to the small screen her own version of the American female spy. Annie Walker (played by Piper Perabo) transformed quickly from an inexperienced trainee at the CIA to one of the most reliable and important spies within the agency. Over the first four seasons Annie undertook some of the most dangerous international assignments fighting the war against terrorism. Now after risking her life time and time again the agency she has worked loyally for years for has reassigned her to a desk job due to her heart condition. Unable to accept not being a field agent, Annie moves on to a job in the private industry and the beginning of a new chapter in her life.

Episode 1: Shady Lane: Annie and Auggie (played by Christopher Gorman) are contemplating their lives. Someone from Annie’s past resurfaces and is linked to a terrorist threat in the United States.

Episode 2: False Skorpion: Annie has to decide whether she should team up with Ryan McQuaid (played by Nic Bishop) in order to capture a terrorist hiding out in Venezuela. The NCTC questions Auggie about a threat the U.S. intelligence community is facing.

Episode 3: Unseen Power of the Picket Fence: Annie and McQuaid mess up an escape attempt and so try again to get out of Venezuela. In order to extract fellow operatives, Joan (played by Kari Matchett) works with Arthur (played by Peter Gallagher).

Episode 4: Silence Kit: Annie starts a stakeout. It does not go smoothly after the CIA ascertains that one of their own has leaked some intel.

Episode 5: Elevate Me Later: A mission gets tricky when Auggie’s past lover is once again an asset for the agency. Roles are reversed when Auggie becomes the operative and Annie his handler.

Episode 6: Embassy Row: Annie is on an undercover mission and accepts an invite to the Russian Embassy in Paris. Auggie attempts to manage a couple of relationships at the same time.

Episode 7: Brink of the Clouds: It is off to Azerbaijan for Annie and McQuaid to seek out an ex-CIA agent who has gone off the grid. Auggie is crushed when he finds out something about an old friend.

Episode 8: Grounded: Annie and Auggie get deeper into a conspiracy theory that could reveal information on a planned attack on the CIA. A difficult decision faces both Joan and Calder (played by Hill Harper).

Episode 9: Spit on a Stranger: Annie starts another undercover assignment but this time without the CIA behind her. A new member joins McQuaid Security.

Episode 10: Sensitive Euro Man: Despite Auggie’s protests, Annie helps McQuaid on a dangerous mission. Hayley (played by Amy Jo Johnson) doubles her efforts in her quest for the truth.

Episode 11: Trigger Cut: McQuaid’s life is hanging by a thread and Annie heads to Istanbul to get to those responsible. Arthur takes over the running of McQuaid Security while Calder enlists a new asset.

Episode 12: Starlings of the Slipstream: Annie travels to Germany in order to locate a chemist who might have a link with the man she is after. Auggie finds some links between Aleksandre Belenko (played by Shawn Doyle) and recent terrorist attacks on U.S. soil.

Episode 13: She Believes: Annie is shocked by some new information. That spurs her to work with a new ally in order to expose Belenko’s plot.

Episode 14: Transport is Arranged: Having no other choice, Annie and McQuaid sneak into Russia in order to find Belenko. Auggie’s past resurfaces and results in a confrontation.

Episode 15: Frontwards: Annie and McQuaid get even closer as they hunt down Belenko’s next target in Buenos Aires. Joan decides it is best if Belenko is captured alive.

Episode 16: Gold Soundz: Annie and McQuaid are on the run from Russian Vega Force assassins as they try to leave Argentina. Belenko’s plan is put in motion.

Special Features: Previews of Suits, Satisfaction, Psych, Bates Motel, Chicago Fire, The Office, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Chicago P.D., Deleted Scenes, Gag Reel

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