crossbones season oneThe year is 1729 and in a secret location somewhere in the Caribbean the island of Santa Campana harbours one of the biggest outlaws of the day. Edward Teach (played by John Malkovich), who is better known as the infamous and feared pirate Blackbeard, rules over a colony of his own making. That group of people is made up of thieves, outlaws and lowlifes. Basically they are all criminals who have lived on the edge of society and have been forced to flee wherever they came from to put up stakes on Teach’s island. They are not completely safe as a British general is determined to bring down Blackbeard as he has already circulated the falsehood that he killed the infamous pirate. This general will stop at nothing to try and locate where Teach is hiding out. Teach’s life becomes even more complex when undercover English spy Tom Lowe (played by Richard Coyle) arrives on the island with the mission of killing Blackbeard. Santa Campana is certainly no island paradise filled with days and nights of sun and relaxation rather it is a place of adventure, action and fighting.

Episode 1: The Devil’s Dominion: The rumoured dead Blackbeard (or Edward Teach) is alive and well and living and leading the people on the island of Santa Campana. His latest bout of thievery involves the stealing of a longitude chronometer, something that will change the pirate world.

Episode 2: The Covenant: Captain Samuel Valentine (played by Stuart Wilson), a pirate, is summoned to Santa Campana by Teach. Teach wants Valentine to sell the chronometer back to the British.

Episode 3: The Man Who Killed Blackbeard: While on a trading voyage Kate (played by Claire Foy) is captured by British commander William Jagger (played by Julian Sands). Teach and Lowe work together to get her back.

Episode 4: Antoinette: Teach sends Rider (played by David Hoflin), Nenna (played by Tracy Ifeachor) and Lowe off to carry out a risky raid on the Spanish. On this mission Lowe is the odd man out.

Episode 5: The Return: Lowe doesn’t believe that Teach is going to attack innocent civilians in Jamaica. He figures out a way to report back what he knows to his spymaster, William Jagger.

Episode 6: A Hole in the Head: Lowe escapes from Jamaica and returns to Santa Campana. Once there, he plans to kidnap Blackbeard and bring him to the English authorities.

Episode 7: Beggarman: Lowe is feeling rather alone on Santa Campana as Nenna plan to escape from the island leaves him exposed. James Balfour (played by Peter Stebbings) makes an alliance that puts both himself and Lowe in danger.

Episode 8: Crossbones: Teach and his crew set sail but Teach’s endgame tests the loyalty of all under him. On Santa Campana, Kate asks something surprising of Lowe.

Episode 9: Blackbeard: William Jagger attacks Santa Campana and Teach risks everything and everyone in an attempt to get his revenge. During the attack Lowe has to decide who or what to save.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes, Previews of The Hollow Crown, Classic Monsters, Grimm, Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Chicago P.D., Friday Night Lights, House