justified the complete final seasonI was won over by the series from the first episode. It was one of those that snuck up on me in that I was not expecting to like a series about a U.S. Marshal working in a backwoods part of the South – Harlan County, Kentucky.  U.S. Marshall Raylan Givens (played by Timothy Olyphant)  It is violent yet gripping. Brutal and intense. The creator of the series Graham Yost, based on the short story “Fire in the Hole” by Elmore Leonard, has managed to make a crime drama that keeps you on the edge of your seat. In the final season you are biting your nails wondering when the ultimate confrontation they have been building up to for seasons now is going to happen.


Episode 1: Fate’s Right Hand: In an effort to make a case against Boyd Crowder (played by Walton Groggins) Waylan asks Dewey Crowe (played by Damon Herriman) for his help. Boyd himself is thinking of something bigger than Harlan County.


Episode 2: Cash Game: A group is buying up land in Harlan County and Waylan wants to find out who they are. Ava (played by Joelle Carter) finds herself in the middle of everything.


Episode 3: Noblesse Oblige: Raylan tries to put the squeeze on Boyd’s supplier. Boyd has a plan to rob a man but thinks twice about it when he finds out how dangerous he is.


Episode 4: The Trash and the Snake: Raylan and Boyd individually try to find out why Avery (played by Sam Elliott) is buying up land in Harlan County.


Episode 5: Sounding: Ava tries to figure out a way to get away from everything. Boyd decides to stay to put up a fight against Avery.


Episode 6: Alive Day: Boyd keeps track of Ava while he works with her uncle in a mine. Ty (played by Garret Dilahunt) orders Choo-Choo (played by Duke Davis Roberts) to tie up any loose ends.


Episode 7: The Hunt: Waylan travels to see Winona (played by Natalie Zea) and their daughter. After a shootout with the marshals, Ty is alone and on the run.


Episode 8: Dark as a Dungeon: A new lead leads Waylan further away from Harlan County. Ty is desperate and so he approaches Ava and Boyd with a deal.


Episode 9: Burned: Ava has to figure out once and for all who she can trust. Boyd gets closer to what he wants but also begins to question Ava’s loyalty.


Episode 10: Trust: With some help, Waylan sets up a trap for Boyd. Ava knows that Boyd won’t take the bait so she comes to Waylan with an alternate way.


Episode 11: Fugitive Number One: Ava shoots Boyd and takes ten million dollars. Waylan goes after her only to have Art (played by Nick Searcy) to tell him to stop.


Episode 12: Collateral: Both Waylan and Boyd head to the mountains to try and find Ava. She has a plan to escape with her uncle.


Episode 13: The Promise: Avery gets to Ava first and has plenty of questions about the money. Waylan is caught by the authorities but Art puts him back on the case.


Special Features: Deleted Scenes, Hollywood to Harlan, Dutch Speaks, Directing the Show, Adam Arkin