Brandon Flowers – The Desired Effect

brandon flowers the desired effectThe latest solo album from the singer of The Killers sounds like something you would expect from his band. It has that dancey, Eighties New Wave sound that served The Killers well on the circa 2008 album Day & Age. Not be stereotypical but it totally that type of sound that is going to be loved in gay clubs. Exhibit A of why I make that claim is the track “I Can Change”. Which is totally a Bronski Beat clone including a sample of their song “Small Town Boy” with a soupcon of a spoken word section by The Pet Shop Boys’ Neil Tennant. Dance torch song to the max. I rest my case. The rest of the album is just as fun and easy to like. Pop music in its best form with massive hooks and powerful vocals. It is a little bit INXS, Cutting Crew, Bruce Springsteen and Beatles all rolled into one delectable package. The ten songs on the album lay in wait (impatiently) to be sung live in an arena somewhere. I stand firm on the assertion that this is Brandon Flowers’ best work since 2008. Run, don’t walk to download The Desired Effect.

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