Zedd – True Colors

zedd true colorsThe sophomore album by the German producer behind the songs “Break Free” featuring Ariana Grande and “Clarity” is more of the kind of stuff you would expect and music buyers loved from him. Everything is light and dance beat oriented. The subjects behind the songs vary from breakups to a sort of carpe diem. But all this is secondary really to the way it sounds. The beats are enormous and as a result can be nothing except the center of it all. Keyboards, piano, sirens and other various noises come together to make something quite pleasing to the body in a “I wanna dance” kind of way. Handling the vocals the twenty-five year old has brought in a variety of voices like rapper Logic and Selena Gomez. A major downside is that is all over very quickly meaning it is a little too short an album. As a result of all of this you are left kind of empty feeling at the end of it all. The momentum he gained from his debut album has fizzled out somewhat. There is enough there, however, that you are left knowing that there is more there and he is capable of expanding what he has started.

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