Wild Tales

wild talesIf you are looking for a break from the usual stuff that Hollywood puts out then Wild Tales might be the answer for you.  Six segments featuring the blackest of comedy directed by Argentinean Damian Szifron and co-produced by Pedro and Agustin Almodovar.  With the Almodovar name attached to it you are kind of prepared for something a little left of centre and it does not disappoint.  Each of the six stories or segments involves a person who feels they have been wronged and each reacts.


Small resumé of each of the six segments:

Pasternak: After a conversation between a young woman and a middle aged man reveals that they both have ties to a man named Pasternak, soon every person on the flight realizes they all know this same man.  Coincidence or dastardly plan?


The Rats: A waitress at a deserted diner recognizes her only client as the man responsible for her father’s death who then made such awkward advances to her mother that they had to move. She mentions how much she hates him and wishes she could muster up the courage to say something to him to the female cook, who offers up rat poison at the solution to her problems.


The Strongest: Two drivers get into a conflict on a deserted stretch of road in the desert that turns into a crazy case of road rage.


Little Bomb: A demolition engineer has his car towed for a parking violation and it results in an argument that results in the destruction of his personal and professional life.


The Proposal: The son of a wealthy man has had a hit and run where the victim is a pregnant woman.  She and her unborn baby perish.  A call to the family lawyer results in the idea of paying off the groundskeeper to take the fall for a price.  Soon the wealthy man finds himself extorted by the lawyer and the prosecutor in charge of the case.


Until Death Do Us Part: During her wedding the bride (Erica Rivas) finds out that her husband cheated on her with a member of the wedding party.  Now it is time for payback.


Each of the stories center around revenge on the part of the protagonist.  Each, though they are just short segments and not full-length films, takes a little while to get going, but once they do look out!  Family.  Society.  Government.  All these segments of the population become targets for revenge.  Without taking a philosophical look at the emotions behind or reasons for revenge the film just aims to entertain in a dark and usually twisted way.  Though each of the stories is told in a very direct kind of way director/screenwriter Damian Szifron allows very few clichés to creep in.  Stylized violence and plenty of humour a la Quentin Tarantino.  Clever and brutal at the same time.


Special Features:

-Wild Shooting: Creating the Film

-An Evening at the Toronto International Film Festival with Damian Szifron

-Theatrical Trailer

-Previews of Still Alice, Leviathan, Red Army, Saint Laurent, Lambert & Stamp, Infinitely Polar Bear

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