Miss Marple: Volume Three – Blu-ray Edition

miss marple volume twoIt is amazing how technology has advanced rapidly recently. These four Miss Marple mysteries aired on the BBC in the late 1980s and now have been remastered to a crystal clear picture.  Agatha Christie’s twists and turns have never looked better than they do here, so if you are a fan then this comes highly recommended.


Episode 1: A Caribbean Mystery: In order to recover from her recent bout of bronchitis, Miss Marple’s nephew Raymond sends her on a vacation to Barbados. She has brought her knitting and expects to do nothing but. Even Major Palgrave’s neverending stories don’t bother her in her relaxed state as she is barely listening. Unfortunately for him someone else is and after mentioning that he has the photograph of killer Palgrave himself turns up dead. Miss Marple has to put down her knitting and wade through all the guests at the Golden Palm Hotel in order to uncover the murderer.


Episode 2: At Bertram’s Hotel: Miss Marple returns to a hotel she used to frequent in her youth hoping nothing has changed. It hasn’t and that makes Miss Marple suspicious. She and her friend Lady Selena watch all the comings of different guests. Beneath the hotel’s stuffy front there seems to be a current of corruption and murder running underneath and it is up to our favourite amateur detective to get to the bottom of things.


Episode 3: Nemesis: A millionaire is aware that his days are numbered. Jason Rafiel gives his secretary one last task and utters a strange phrase then dies. In his will he gives Miss Marple the task, which he will compensate her with $20,000 after completion, which he thinks only she can undertake. Obviously it involves a mystery.


Episode 4: The Sleeping Murder: After living in New Zealand for three years, Giles Reed returns to England with his young wife. After a day of flat hunting in London, they attend a play with Raymond and his aunt, Miss Marple. During the play Gwenda starts screaming in horror. It is now up to Miss Marple to solve an eighteen year old murder.


Special Features: A Very British Murder – Part Three: The Golden Age


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