Falling Skies: The Complete Fourth Season – Blu-ray Edition

falling skies the complete fourth seasonFor the fourth season Falling Skies attempts to go big before it goes home. Meaning that there are big things that are hinted at in the story. Unfortunately for fans they don’t really resolve anything. Ideas or stories are brought up and then just mysteriously dropped. Frustrating! No sooner than you are interested in something then it seems to disappear without any satisfying addressing of it or conclusion. Yes, it is a post-apocalyptic story and out of necessity it has to be dark but there is no reason for it to be this up and down.


Episode 1: Ghost in the Machine: Tom (played by Noah Wyle), his family and the other freedom fighters come up against something that makes them alter their strategy. They soon find themselves divided and having to fend for themselves.


Episode 2: The Eye: Tom learns of the new strategy of the Espheni and has a hard decision to make. Anne (played by Moon Bloodgood) leads others on the search for her daughter.


Episode 3: Exodus: The 2nd Mass and Tom formulate a way to escape from the Espheni Ghetto. Mira (played by Desiree Ross) has come up with a risky escape play which Matt (played by Maxim Knight) tries to talk her out of.


Episode 4: Evolve or Die: In Chinatown Anne is reunited with Lexi (played by Scarlett Byrne). Tom and the 2nd Mass manage to escape from the Espheni Ghetto and find refuge in a Volm hideout.


Episode 5: Mind Wars: Tom manages to get Matt out of the Youth Camp only to be attacked later by two men. Anne and Lexi’s differing opinions leads to danger.


Episode 6: Door Number Three: After being separated for months Tom finally reunites with his family and the 2nd Mass. People are pitted against one another due to Lexi’s illness.


Episode 7: Saturday Night Massacre: Lexi comes out the other side stronger and more dangerous. Tom, the 2nd Mass and the Volm band together to ward of the biggest attack by the Espheni.


Episode 8: A Thing With Feathers: Hal (played by Drew Roy) finds himself fighting for Maggie’s life. Tom and Dingaan (played by Treva Etienne) are cut off from the others after being buried under rubble.


Episode 9: Til Death Do Us Part: Maggie and Ben (played by Connor Jessup) grow closer. Members of the 2nd Mass attempt to dig Tom out but need some equipment to do it.


Episode 10: Drawing Straws: Tom and the members of the 2nd Mass draw straws to decide who will undertake a dangerous mission. Confrontations between the freedom fighters eventually bring everyone closer together.


Episode 11: Space Oddity: Tom’s plan is disrupted by the return of Lexi. Lexi has to go to great lengths to save her father’s life.


Episode 12: Shoot the Moon: Tom and Lexi have to figure out a way to destroy the Espheni Power Core in order to save humanity. A bomb is dropped on Chinatown.


Special Features: Inside the Episode, Tom Mason: A Man of Tomorrow, 2014 Comic Con Panel, Episodic Prequels, Character Interviews, Digital Copy

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