twentyone pilots blurryfaceTalk about overachieving. Twenty One Pilots on their latest album goes for the gusto in that they have a real mélange of genres plus lead singer Tyler Joseph not only sings but also raps. If that isn’t enough on the album he is also credited with playing ukulele, keyboards, piano and bass guitar. Busy, busy. I guess he has to be as this band is a duo with Joseph joined by Josh Dun. Most of the songs have religious undertones to them though even if you are not a believer they aren’t too bothersome as they can be chalked up to spiritualism. If you are not turned off by the lyrics they do invite the listener in to make a connection to the music. Your listen to Twenty One Pilots is never going to be a superficial one. What might put some out there off is the incessant genre hopping that happens. One moment they are pop the next they are reggae then hip hop on to emo on to indie rock and even rap. It all gets a little chaotic feeling at times. Never allowing you to settle into a groove. Now, if you are into that kind of thing then this is your kettle of fish musically. If you are not then it all might give you a little bit of a headache.