Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard – Django and Jimmie

willie nelson and merle haggardWay back in 1983 these two began their musical partnership with the release of the album Pancho & Lefty. Their latest collaboration is called Django (Reinhart) and Jimmie (Rodgers) and casts its glance towards the past without sounding passe for even one moment. The name of the album references two major influences on Willie and Merle. It is a wonderful mélange of new songs, cover songs and older songs re-recorded. The highlights of the album for me are when each pays tribute to the other by taking on a song by the other. Willie tries his hand at Merle’s “Somewhere Between” and Merle sings Willie’s “Family Bible”. Demonstrating that age has not worn down their sense of humour the two have fun with the newly penned pot song called “It’s All Going to Pot”. The song might turn into an anthem played often for those who want to legalize cannabis. Every time they duet together it works with neither man overshadowing the other. There is something really comforting listening to these two very familiar voices. The two music icons do not let country fans down with these fourteen tracks.

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