The Rolling Stones – Sticky Fingers Deluxe Edition

the rolling stones sticky fingersIt seems like The Rolling Stones have been around forever and considered one of rock music’s seminal bands.  So, how do you review what is generally thought of as one of their best albums? This classic rock album was first released in 1971 and has now been given the deluxe edition work over to make it even more worthy of a place in your music collection. It took them over a year to record and was a kind of way the band worked through getting past the death of member Brian Jones. It was chock full of fully fleshed out rock songs and announced their arrival in the world as one of rock’s most important bands. Filled with swagger and searing vocals and guitar solos, Sticky Fingers features great songs like “Brown Sugar”, “Bitch” and “Wild Horses”. While disc one is filled with the versions of the songs we know well the second disc features alternate versions. It makes you realize how hard they worked on the album and how particular they were about the way it sounded. Proving paying attention to the details can still be rock ‘n roll. The alternate versions are occasionally folk or country tinged and quite different but always fun to listen to. I challenge you to listen to the emotion filled (including the wild guitar solo by new member Mick Taylor) track “Sister Morphine” which is a soul searing account of drug addiction and not be affected by its strength almost forty five years later.

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