Justified: The Complete Fifth Season

justified the complete fifth seasonOld school are the words I would use to describe U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens (played by Timothy Olyphant). He will remind watchers of a cowboy styled hero that used to be popular in Westerns with heroes that had a squinty-eyed look, could shoot the beaver off a nickel and spoke very little. Also, Raylan is a man who will go to any lengths to catch his man. Especially if that man is his nemesis Boyd Crowder (played by Walter Groggins).

In this the second to last season of the popular FX series, most of the screen time is taken up by Ava (played by Joelle Carter being in jail, Boyd trying to get heroin so he can sell it in Harlan County and a bunch more Crowes moving to Kentucky from Florida. There is never a dull moment in this remote part of Kentucky.

Episode 1: A Murder of Crowes: A corrupt Florida Coast Guard is killed and Raylan travels to Miami to seek out if the Crowe family has played a part in his death. Boyd is doing everything he can to make sure Ava’s murder case never goes to trial.

Episode 2: The Kids Aren’t All Right: Raylan finds himself having to deal with two hitmen working for a drug lord. Everything that Boyd does to protect Ava seems to backfire.

Episode 3: Good Intentions: Dewey Crowe’s (played by Damon Herriman) cousins from Florida arrive in Harlan County. Daryl Crowe Jr. (played by Michael Rappaport) insists on helping Dewey run the brothel he bought from Boyd.

Episode 4: Over the Mountain: Boyd realizes that his cousin Johnny (played by David Meunier) is his rival for his heroin business. It looks like Raylan might get caught up in the investigation of the murder of mob boss Nicky Augustine.

Episode 5: Shot All to Hell: Boyd reaches out to a potential new partner. Art (played by Nick Searcy) steps up his investigation of the Tonin crime family.

Episode 6: Kill the Messenger: The Crowes battle both against the Crowder group and the U.S. Marshals in their attempt to set up business in Harlan County. Boyd turns to someone unexpected to ensure that Ava is safe in prison.

Episode 7: Raw Deal: Raylan embarks on a wild goose chase because of a computer hacker. Ava looks to ensure herself that she remains in one piece in prison. A heroin deal in Mexico sees the final face off against Boyd and Johnny occur.

Episode 8: Whistle Past the Graveyard: Kendal (played by Jacob Lofland) tries to escape his awful environment by running away to his uncle. Wendy Crowe (played by Alicia Witt) and Raylan head off together after him.

Episode 9: Wrong Roads: Raylan and a DEA agent (played by Eric Roberts) team up to find the Mexican heroin. Boyd makes a deadly deal in order to keep Ava safe.

Episode 10: Weight: The heroin deal is falling apart as is the Crowe family. Ava tells Boyd that she is going to go on alone from here on in and he is no longer to visit her in prison.

Episode 11: The Toll: Danny Crowe’s (played by A.J. Buckley) death leads to a revenge attack on a U.S. Marshal. Boyd finds himself in trouble with both Duffy (played by Jere Burns) and Picker (played by John Kapelos).

Episode 12: Starvation: Raylan promises Boyd a clean slate if he turns informant against the Crowe family. Ava becomes a leader in the prison which makes her a target of her rivals.

Episode 13: Restitution: Raylan finally is able to bring Daryl Jr. to justice. Ava stands up to her enemies within the prison as she continues to look for a way out.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes, Season of the Crowe: Making Season Five

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