With This Ring

with this ringJill Scott is totally likeable. Regina Hall is a talented comedic actress.  Eve…well…is Eve.  What I am getting at is that these three women deserve better than what they get here.  Even though with films of this sort, meaning lower budget comedies about women making a vow to get married within a year, your expectations are automatically lowered it still ends up disappointing and even occasionally annoying you with its stupidity.


After sitting alone (meaning without men) at another wedding three female friends vow to be married within a year.  This means they find the man of their dreams or settle for the guy they have been avoiding who likes them.  This is easier said than done for Trista (Regina Hall – Think Like a Man, Scary Movie), Viviane (Jill Scott – The Nanny Diaries, Obsessed) and Amaya (Eve Cooper – Blade II, xXx).  Trista has not gotten over her ex-boyfriend, Viviane is still in love with her baby daddy and Amaya is involved with a married man.  The path to the altar is not going to be a smooth one for these ladies.


Why is it that any film that delves into relationships and marriage from the female perspective ends up not showing women (of any age, race or financial status) in a positive light?  These successful women just come off looking silly.  How can they be so together in their careers and yet have no common sense when a man enters the picture?  The vow they make is completely silly and the way they all go about it made me roll my eyes more than once.  In other words, barely tolerable depictions making everything else irrelevant.


This totally reeks of television movie with it poor direction, lower budget, shabby editing, and weak story.  It could have been rescued because of the likeability factor of the three female leads and if the director had a steady hand.  Azingha Stewart (Television’s The Game) is all over the place with this one.  She is not sure if she wants to focus on the comedy aspect of the story or the drama.  As a result she does not do justice to either.  Too bad as this could have been a fun watch in the proper hands.


Special Features:

-Previews of Still Alice, 50 to 1, The Song, The Intruders, Think Like a Man Too, Moms’ Night Out

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