Nate Ruess – Grand Romantic

nate ruess grand romanticNow, I know you might think that I a losing my mind making this kind of statement, but think about it – Nate Ruess (along with The Killer’s frontman, Brandon Flowers) is working his way towards being this generation’s Freddie Mercury. No, he is not as flamboyant nor does he command the stage like the frontman of Queen did. Where I think there is a comparison is his emotion filled voice and dramatic lyrics. Ruess’s band fun. is on hiatus and so he has struck out on his own. Without the other members of his band around him and the expectations of fans he seems freer to be who he is. As a result there is plenty of romanticism, moodiness and over-the-top moments. Set up behind his gymnastic tenor you get plenty of rich orchestration and dense sonic passages. A couple of guests appear on the album with Beck adding some vocals on the track “What is This World Coming To” and Jeff Tweedy and his guitar elevate “Take It Back”. Bottom line is this guy does not do subtle; everything is big and in your face. No chance that you’ll miss the message this guy is trying to get across. Big and catchy is what Grand Romantic is all about.

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