the who live at shea stadiumDespite the fact that at this point (1982) Brit rockers The Who were two decades into their careers they showed that the tank was definitely not empty. Not even close. The energy and intensity these guys put into this show filmed at Shea Stadium in New York City is high, high, high.

This world tour started at Shea Stadium, though there were two warm-up shows in their native land of England (Birmingham). It was a tour that was to promote their album It’s Hard. They obviously played some tracks from that album on the tour for the first and last time live. This show was the second of two shows they played at Shea Stadium on October 13, 1982. The 1982 tour was the last one for drummer Kenney Jones, so you are seeing some history. Many criticized his drumming technique, but it was mostly because he had the misfortune of trying to fill the shoes of the legendary Keith Moon. Take that distraction out of it and focus on the three main members – Roger Daltry, Pete Entwhistle and Pete Townsend. It is also their last tour until 1989.

This is a great show from a classic power rock band.

Track Listing
1) Substitute
2) I Can’t Explain
3) Dangerous
4) Sister Disco
5) The Quiet One
6) It’s Hard
7) Eminence Front
8) Behind Blue Eyes
9) Baba O Riley
10) I’m One
11) The Punk And The Godfather
12) Drowned
13) Tattoo
14) Cry If You Want
15) Who Are You
16) Pinball Wizard
17) See Me Feel Me
18) Love Reign O’er Me
19) Long Live Rock
20) Won’t Get Fooled Again
21) Young Man Blues
22) Naked Eye
23) I Saw Her Standing There
24) Summertime Blues
25) Twist And Shout

Special Features: Bonus Tracks – Substitute, I Can’t Explain, My Generation, A Man is a Man and 5.15