Adam Lambert – The Original High

adam lambert the original highIn 2014 American Idol alum Adam Lambert toured around with British rock band Queen as their lead singer. As you can imagine someone who is thought to be a suitable fill-in for Freddie Mercury is well capable of dramatics and larger-than-life music. On his third solo album Adam Lambert continues along that vein. As anyone who saw him on American Idol or has heard his solo material knows that the guy has the singing chops to be up to whatever a song demands of him. Adam Lambert has a great voice and knows how to use it. On whatever kind of song you put in front of him. Be it a house influence track like the lead single “Ghost Town” or a power ballad like “There I Said It” the guy has what it takes. He also has the big personality required to pull it all off. His solo stuff is no way near what Freddie Mercury churned out in his heyday, but you can see that the possibility of it is there. A complete entertainer like we don’t have often nowadays and pop music is all the better for it.

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