house of cards volume threeA man with a plan, President Underwood (played by Kevin Spacey) now that he has gotten to the position he has always wanted is darn straight going to make sure that he remains there. His wife Claire (played by Robin Wright) has set her sights on beings something more than the First Lady. All they have been struggling to obtain their whole lives has come to fruition as they have moved into the White House. These two are trying to cement their position as the most powerful couple in the United States.

The fast paced Netflix show will give you an insight into how things work behind the scenes in Washington D.C. There is plenty of scheming, back stabbing and sex to keep the viewer riveted. In other words, never a dull moment in the White House under this President.

Chapter 27: Frank is worried because he approval rating are in the toilet. Claire has a plan and it involves running for Ambassador to the U.N.

Chapter 28: In order to ward off a revolt from within, Frank makes a bold address to the public. Claire’s plans run into trouble.

Chapter 29: The Russian president makes a state visit. Doug (played by Michael Kelly) is growing more and more angry and frustrated.

Chapter 30: Claire works around Russia at the U.N. Frank finds himself up against someone who is more powerful than he.

Chapter 31: In order to get his job program moving, Frank declares war on Congress. Claire goes head to head with the Russian ambassador.

Chapter 32: Frank and Claire go to Russia in order to negotiate the release of an American citizen. Claire begins to question her path in life.

Chapter 33: The Underwoods have to do some damage control. Gavin (played by Jimmi Simpson) has found Rachel.

Chapter 34: Frank is faced with a tough choice when a hurricane threatens the entire East Coast. He is also spending plenty of time with an author who is writing a book about him.

Chapter 35: Claire gets some troubling news and informs Frank. Jordan Valley explodes just when Frank’s campaign is picking up.

Chapter 36: Claire tries to keep the peace-keeping mission moving forward. Frank has to deal with Petrov (played by Lars Mikkelsen) himself.

Chapter 37: Frank, Jackie (played by Molly Parker) and Heather (played by Elizabeth Marvel) have their first debate. Claire is joined by Tom (played by Paul Sparks) on the campaign trail.

Chapter 38: In regards to the campaign, Claire assumes a bigger role. Heather begins to look for dirt on Claire.

Chapter 39: With the end of the campaign in sight, Frank becomes nastier and nastier with Claire being relegated to the shadows. Doug finds Gavin in Venezuela as part of his search for Rachel.
Special Features: A Death in New Mexico, Backstage Politics: On the Set of “House of Cards”