Chicago P.D.: Season One

chicago pd season oneDick Wolf is the man behind this series as well as the monster series (and all its spin offs) Law & Order. That is a good start I would say. Plus this one is a kind of companion series for Chicago Fire.  That is about fireman working in Chicago’s station 51 while this one is about a special intelligence unit of the Chicago Police Department. The boss of the unit is Sergeant Hank Voight (played by Jason Beghe), a crooked cop who is tough as nails. He has made a deal with Internal Affairs allowing him out of jail to run this unit in exchange for him using his past connections to bring down some big time criminals. Under him are Antonio Dawson (played by Jon Seda), Erin Lindsay (played by Sophia Bush), Alvin Olinsky (played by Elias Koteas), Jay Halstead (played by Jesse Lee Sofer), Adam Ruzek (played by Patrick John Flueger) and tech expert Sheldon Jin (played by Archie Kao). Action-packed show with plenty of drama and a little romance thrown in for good measure.


Episode 1: Stepping Stone: There has been a rash of brutal murders that happen and District 21 finds themselves hunting down a Colombian drug cartel. The interpersonal stuff happening within the intelligence unit could end up with one of them dead.


Episode 2: Wrong side of the Bars: Antonio’s son has been kidnapped by men working for Pulpo (played by Arturo del Puerto). The unit shifts into overdrive to race against the clock to find and rescue the young boy.


Episode 3: Chin Check: A shipment of high-grade military assault rifles and cop killer bullets is about to arrive and hit the streets. Voight, on the side, tries to free a young teen from life in a gang.


Episode 4: Now is Always Temporary: A struggling artist threatens to kill a high class escort only to blow off his own head. Intelligence discovers he was mixed up in a counterfeiting ring and they change the focus of the case.


Episode 5: Thirty Balloons: The unit works a case involving college girls being paid to be drug mules transporting drugs in balloons in their stomachs. Atwater (played by Laroyce Hawkins) and Burgess (played by Marina Squerciati) are assigned a brand new squad car that they have a hard time keeping in mint condition.


Episode 6: Conventions: The Riverwalk Rapist strikes several times moving from New York City to Chicago. This time he slips up and lets one of his victims live giving Intelligence something to work with.


Episode 7: The Price We Pay: Internal Affairs is breathing down Voight’s neck when his newly released from prison son (played by Josh Segarra) seems to have been involved in a murder. Voight’s handler (played by Robin Weigert) wants to shut everything down.


Episode 8: Different Mistakes: Several Chinese gambling outfits are robbed and Intelligence is called in when it is believed that a CPD vice unit is behind it all. Voight’s handler keeps the pressure on him.


Episode 9: A Material Witness: Lexi (played by Alina Janine Taber) is the only witness of a gang shooting. Voight and the unit try to keep her out of it by getting the gang banger to confess to the killing so she doesn’t have to testify thus becoming a target.


Episode 10: At Least It’s Justice: After a suspected child molester and murdered is himself killed Halstead is suspended. Intelligence gets involved in a case involving a recently paroled convict who kills the doctor who testified against him years ago.


Episode 11: Turn the Light Off: An $8 million dollar robbery takes place in which several are killed. Then people who were involved in the robbery start getting killed off.


Episode 12: A Dark Day: (Chicago Fire crossover episode) House 51 goes into action when they work on a search and rescue at the site of a bombing at a hospital during a charity event. Intelligence tries their best to figure out who the bomber(s) is/are.


Episode 13: 8:30 p.m.: Intelligence is having to collaborate with the feds on the hunt for the bomber. They are racing against the clock to locate him before a third bomb detonates.


Episode 14: My Way: Antonio goes ballistic when Pulpo is taken off death row to help CPD stop the Colombian cartel. Lindsay’s past comes back to haunt her.


Episode 15: The Docks: After being shot, Antonio is in intensive care. Voight takes care of a rat in his unit.


Episode 16: A Beautiful Friendship: It is Atwater’s first shift as a member of Intelligence. Charlie (played by Billy Wirth) is forcing Lindsay to pay back an old debt.


Special Features: Bonus Episode from Chicago Fire Season 1: “Professional Courtesy”, Previews of Parenthood, Suits, Dracula, Covert Affairs, Grimm, Friday Night Lights, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Psych

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