James Taylor – Before This World

james taylor before this worldThis is a case of lucky thirteen. It has been thirteen years since the last James Taylor album and fans must be over the moon that they have some new material from this premiere songwriter. The man is famous for working and reworking the lyrics of his songs and that is why it takes a while for him to release songs. With the type of quality he has been able to produce during his lengthy career who are we to argue? The story may change with James Taylor but the song remains the same. Or at least the way it sounds. This is folk music with his dulcet tones and with his poetic look at the past. The past being the life he has led including such poignant moments as the song “Angels of Fenway” about his grandmother turning him into a Red Sox fan as he has been since 1965. What I have always admired about James Taylor’s music is the fact that it seems effortless. Smooth and soothing. He really makes each of his songs an intimate experience between him and the listener making you believe that he is singing only to you. Before This World is really all about his voice and guitar playing. Keeping it simple to match the mood of the songs. Classic Taylor style.

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