Joe Dirt – Blu-ray Edition

joe dirtWhile he is no Rob Schneider (meaning he has more talent than Adam Sandler’s pity case) I have always wondered how David Spade got and then maintained a career.  He is not especially funny, does not have a wide range playing mostly snide characters and certainly not a hottie.  The explanation has always eluded me.  What further confounds me is that they have made a sequel to this awful comedy.  Now a blu-ray version of the original has been released in anticipation of part two coming to cinemas.


A man with a plan is nothing to laugh at.  Joe Dirt (David Spade – Grown Ups, Entourage) is that man.  At first glance he might be someone who would make you laugh with his mullet, acid wash jeans and job as a janitor.  But what you think of this guy will not stop him from reaching his goal.


At the age of eight Joe Dirt went on a family trip to the Grand Canyon.  It should have been a happy time in the young boy’s life, but it turned into the worst.  Somehow he and his parents got separated and he has been looking for them ever since.


His search leads a cross country series of misadventures and mishaps.  When he gets to Los Angeles radio shock jock Zander Kelly (Dennis Miller – What Happens in Vegas, Thank You For Smoking) gets wind of his story.  He brings him on his show under false pretences in order to basically mock him live on air.  Things do not work out exactly as Zander Kelly thought they would as the public becomes enamoured with Joe and his life story.  His newfound celebrity might bring about what he has wished for most of his life.


Critics trashed it and yet the public seemed to enjoy this warmhearted comedy.  It is filled with the type of comedy that actors like Adam Sandler have made themselves millionaires starring in.  Meaning it is lowest common denominator and filled with completely ridiculous situations.  Reality is not what screenwriters David Spade (of course) and Fred Wolf (Grown Ups 2, Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star) or director Dennie Gordon (What a Girl Wants, New York Minute) are going for.  They don’t even pretend that there is any kind of brain behind a second of what happens here.  But they were smart enough to be able to make a dumb film that made enough money at the box office that they are willing to make a sequel.


Special Features: First look at Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser, Outtakes & Bloopers Reel, Deleted & Alternate Scenes, Theatrical Trailers

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