monster high scaris city of frightsThe monster franchise of all animated monster franchises aimed at six to eight year old girls, Monster High is back with another automatic kid babysitter.  This time they are in Scaris (Paris), the city of frights (or lights) and the focus is on all the puns and fashion.


As is their way, the monsters and ghouls of Monster High are showing off their fashion sense by putting on their own fashion show. Someone uploads it to Fright Tube for all to see and the result is that Clawdeen Wolf (voiced by Salli Saffioti) gets a phone call from world famous designer Monatella Ghostier (voiced by Cindy Robinson) offering her an apprenticeship. Jumping at the chance, Clawdeen and some of her friends head off to Scaris.


Once there they are given a tour of the city by Rochelle (voiced by Laura Bailey). Rochelle is happy to be back in Scaris as it gives her a chance to look for her missing boyfriend Garrot Duroque. Clawdeen is finding her apprenticeship tougher than she expected as everything she thought she knew about fashion is proving to be useless to her and frowned upon at Ghostier. Clawdeen’s friends find out the truth about what is going on at the fashion house and to its apprentices.


It is hard for anyone above the age of ten to review this franchise as we are in no way the target audience, so relating to it is a little tough. That being said, for any adult who might attempt to sit down with your young one to watch this it will be a tough time. Even the message is the same in each one of these with them learning about the importance of individuality and then seemingly forgetting it in time for the new release and it all begins again. In this particular one, despite the fact that it is about high fashion and should be all glitzy the overall look of it is rather muted. That being said, young girls will probably eat it up with a spoon loving all the ghouls and monsters.


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