third eye blind dopamineWhen the first single from this album was released called “Everything is Easy” some jumped up to criticize it. They claimed it was not the guitar rock that made the band popular in the nineties. To those people I have to say “Evolve!” No one is making that kind of music anymore. Times they are a changing. Though most of the album is different from what the band started off doing there are still plenty of Third Eye Blind moments to be found. “Say It” is very much of the Ursa Major era while “Exiles” sounds like it would fit in with anything they were playing in 1995. Some of the other stuff on the album is very much a harkening back to the seventies and eighties (which is very popular nowadays) to bands like Queen and artists like David Bowie. “Get Me Out of Here” is a total eighties anthem. Listen to the album several times before you make your final decision about it. Though Third Eye Blind has been around since the nineties its line-up has changed so often that it is almost like you could consider them Stephan Jenkins et al. Lead singer and guitarist Stephan Jenkins has been the only constant throughout their five albums with drummer Brad Hargreaves coming in a close second. Jenkins about three years ago on his Twitter feed announced that Dopamine would be the band’s last album. In the future the band (which is pretty much a solo act at this point) will only be releasing singles. So enjoy this last full length Third Eye Blind release.