Hot Chip – Why Make Sense

hot chip why make senseFunk, soul and disco are all fundamental musical parts of Hot Chip’s fifth album. A lot of old school seventies and eighties sounds are part of tracks like “Started Right” and “Love is the Future” – a song that has that Pharrell feel to it and includes a small rap by De La Soul’s Posdnuos. It is all done so authentically and with so much heart that you don’t feel like all the old school references are just a cheap effort to jump on the bandwagon and sell albums; they obviously know and love older music. All is done in an effort to make you forget everything else but dancing. Pure music, pure intentions. Groove and beats that are so delicious are found on “Huarache Lights” and will satiate any kind of appetite for fun, upbeat music. Even when they turn to some slower songs like “Dark Night” they are so good that you won’t feel like they are just fillers until the next track that beckons you onto the dance floor. The quality is so consistent throughout that it has to be considered their most complete body of work so far.

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