Sailor Moon R: Season Two – Part One – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

sailor moon season 2 part 1An animated series that ended in 2000 but has now been brought back for fans to enjoy on blu-ray. Around a thousand years ago the moon was inhabited and ruled by Queen Serenity. Everything was going smoothly meaning there was peace in the land until the arrival of Queen Beryl. In order to gain power over the moon and its inhabitants Queen Beryl released the power of Negaforce. The last hope for Queen Serenity to regain power was via the Imperium Silver Crystal and the Crescent Moon Wand. In order to get it Queen Serenity sent the Moon Princess along with the children of the moon to Earth in the future. This resulted in all their memories being lost. Queen Beryl reacted to this by also going to Earth along with her own evil forces. Luna, Queen Serenity’s advisor, has to assemble all the Sailor Scouts in order to stop Queen Beryl.

Episode 1: The Return of Sailor Moon: Queen Beryl and the Negaforce have been halted by the Sailor Scouts. In the process the Sailor Scouts have lost their memories and now are living as normal folks.

Episode 2: So You Want to Be in Pictures: Serena (voiced by Terri Hawkes) runs into Darien and realizes he has no memory of the battles. Alan (voiced by Vincent Corazza) and Ann (voiced by Sabrina Grdevich) come up with a plan to get some energy for the Doom Tree.

Episode 3: A Knight to Remember: Lita (voiced by Susan Roman) saves Ken from a lion attack though she ends up in the hospital. This is all as a result of Alan and Ann being so desperate for power.

Episode 4: VR Madness: The entire town has become caught up in a new virtual reality game. Alan and Ann use it to gain energy.

Episode 5: Cherry Blossom Time: Serena and her friends go to the park to celebrate cherry blossom season. While trying to save her friends from an attack Serena realizes her Sailor Moon powers are not working.

Episode 6: Kindergarten Chaos: Alan and Ann begin to use young children to harness energy. After meeting a young girl named Carrie Mina (voiced by Stephanie Morgenstern) visits a kindergarten class.

Episode 7: Much Ado About Baby Sitting: Alan and Ann decide their next targets will be babies. When the cardian makes its move Serena and Amy visit a nursery.

Episode 8: Raye’s Day in the Spotlight: Raye (voiced by Katie Griffin) has been engaged in organizing the Autumn Festival at her school. There she plans to sing at the talent contest.

Episode 9: Food Fetish: Lita develops a crush on Moonlight Knight. She tries to get to know him better by making him lunch.

Episode 10: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Darien’s school is putting on the play Snow White and Serena, Amy, Raye and Lita pitch in. This leads to an argument over who should be Snow White.

Episode 11: Detention Doldrums: Serena and Ann both get detention and while sitting there have to write a paper. With Ann in detention Alan releases a cardian in order to get some energy for Ann.

Episode 12: Secret Garden: Alan and Ann are desperate to save the Doom Tree, which is close to death. Even bringing it some energy does not seem to be helping.

Episode 13: Treed: Serena and Darien are tangled in the branches of the Doom Tree as it has taken over Ann and Alan’s apartment building. Sailor Scouts are sent to do battle against it.

Episode 14: Serena Times Two: A man and his four sisters have come to Tokyo to claim it for the Negamoon. In order to do so they must have the Silver Crystal.

Episode 15: The Cosmetics Caper: Bertie has been put in charge of capturing the point of the centre of future Crystal Tokyo. To do so she has set up a cosmetics store that will zap the energy from customers.

Episode 16: Sailor Mercury Moving On?: Amy finds out she has been accepted to study in Germany on a scholarship. Serena is sad as she thinks everyone is leaving her.

Episode 17: Gramps in a Pickle: In order to gain new workers Gramps (voiced by David Fraser) decides to set up a martial arts school in the temple. This does not make Raye very happy.

Episode 18: Trouble Comes Thundering Down: Rubeus (voiced by Robert Tinkler) discovers that Serena is really afraid of thunder. He plans to use it to get her and Rini (voiced by Tracey Hoyt) in a vulnerable position.

Episode 19: A Charmed Life: Serena, Mina and Lita plan a girls shopping day. Rubeus has found another crystal point.

Episode 20: A Curried Favor: There is a curry potluck at school. Rini decides to make her own without Serena’s help.

Episode 21: Naughty ‘N’ Nice: Rini runs away after being made to feel unwanted. When she des try to go home her key does not work.

Episode 22: Prediction of Doom: Serena sees Darien with another girl and believes they are dating. Rini is almost hit by a bus but her moon beam saves her though trouble is far from over.

Special Features: AX Cast Interview, Dub Recording Behind-the-Scenes, Opening & Ending Songs, Art Gallery

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