Adventure Time: The Complete Fifth Season – Blu-ray Edition

adventure time the complete fifth seasonA young human boy named Finn is best friends with his dog, Jake. That does not seem too weird or interesting does it? Well, when I add in the fact that Jake is twenty-eight and has magical powers that should perk you up a little, no? That is the backbone of this animated series about a boy and his special dog. They have all kinds of adventures together while exploring the Land of Ooo. That makes the title of the series, Adventure Time, very appropriate. It also makes the Cartoon Network series very popular with boys between ages six to fourteen.

Episode 1: Finn the Human: Finn and Jake follow Lich through the portal and meet up with a wish master.

Episode 2: Jake the Dog: The Ice King’s crown gives Finn powers.

Episode 3: Five More Short Graybles: Short bits about Jake and Finn’s thumbs, the Ice King’s new bride and Marceline’s hunt for a music shop.

Episode 4: Up a Tree: Finn and Jake’s game of catch halts when their Frisbee gets caught in a very tall tree.

Episode 5: All the Little People: Finn gets a bag filled with tiny versions of his friends.

Episode 6: Jake the Dad: Jake finds being a father very challenging.

Episode 7: Davey: Everywhere he goes people think of Finn as a hero.

Episode 8: Mystery Dungeon: In order to escape from the dungeon Ice King, NEPTR, Shelby and Lemongrab have to learn how to work together.

Episode 9: All Your Fault: Finn and Jake go investigating when they get a call for help from the Earls of Lemongrab.

Episode 10: Little Dude: Every time he goes swimming Finn’s hat comes to life.

Episode 11: Bad Little Boy: In order to show the Ice King how it is done Marceline tells him a story of Fionna and Cake.

Episode 12: Vault of Bones: Finn is worried that the Flame Princess may still be evil.

Episode 13: The Great Bird Man: The former Goblin King saves Finn and Jake when they are lost in the Bad Lands.

Episode 14: Simon and Marcy: The story of the Ice King and Marceline almost one thousand years ago.

Episode 15: A Glitch is a Glitch: Everyone is in danger due to the Ice King’s computer virus.

Episode 16: Puhoy: Feeling sad, Finn enters a pillow fort with Jake and everything changes.

Episode 17: BMO Lost: Using a bubble and a baby, BMO tries to get home after being taken by an eagle.

Episode 18: Princess Potluck: Ice King has to call the banana cops.

Episode 19: James Baxter the Horse: Finn and Jake come across a horse that has the ability to make sad people happy.

Episode 20: Shh!: When you are just sending written messages to people instead of talking it is easy for misunderstandings to happen.

Episode 21: The Suitor: Peppermint Butler believes that Bubblegum is working too much so decides to find a date for her.

Episode 22: The Party’s Over, Isla de Senorita: Ice King has finally found someone he likes and is happy despite the fact she is an island and dating Party God.

Episode 23: One Last Job: In order to save his girl Jake Jr., Jake turns back to his old life as a criminal.

Episode 24: Another Five Short Graybles: Five shorts stories concerning Finn and Jake building a time machine.

Episode 25: Candy Streets: Lumpy Space Princess is a victim of a robbery but faints before she can tell Finn and Jake who did it.

Episode 26: Wizards Only, Fools: Princess Bubblegum does not believe in magic until Starchy falls ill.

Episode 27: Jake Suit: Tired of Jake using his body like a suit of armor he convinces him to trade places to see how annoying it is.

Episode 28: Be More: The origin story of B-Mo.

Episode 29: Sky Witch: In order to get back some lost property PB and Marceline team up.

Episode 30: Frost & Fire: Finn has a great dream due to Ice King and Flaming Princess battling.

Episode 31: Too Old: We meet LemonHope in the land of lemons.

Episode 32: Earth & Water: To gauge Flaming Princesses temper, Princess Bubblegum subjects her to a series of tests.

Episode 33: Time Sandwich: Jake’s sandwich is stolen by Magic Man with Jake only being able to get it back by solving a riddle.

Episode 34: The Vault: Jake and BMO help Finn remember his past in order to find out some secrets.

Episode 35: Love Games: Finn needs to become Slime Princesses lover in order to help her solve a problem.

Episode 36: Dungeon Train: Finn and Jake come across a train in which every car is a dungeon with a foe to do battle against.

Episode 37: The Box Prince: An imposter is threatening his kingdom so the Box Prince gets help from Finn.

Episode 38: Red Starved: Finn, Jake and Marceline get trapped underground and soon her hunger is a threat to Finn and Jake.

Episode 39: We Fixed a Truck: After finding a broke down pick up truck, Finn and Jack get BMO and Banana Man to help them fix it.

Episode 40: Playdate: Finn and Jake are tired of babysitting Ice King so they call upon old friend Abracadaniel to play with him.

Episode 41: The Pit: Jake is kidnapped by Kee-oth the Blood Demon and thrown into a pit in his dimension.

Episode 42: James: Princess Bubblegum is going on a study of the Desert of Wonders and brings along Finn and Jake.

Episode 43: Root Beer Guy: By day he works in a mundane job but at night Root Beer Guy spends his time writing mysteries.

Episode 44: Apple Wedding: Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig are going to tie the knot.

Episode 45: Blade of Grass: Finn gets a new sword.

Episode 46: Rattleballs: Finn comes across an old robot in the junkyard that promises to make Finn a master swordsman.

Episode 47: The Red Throne: The Fire Kingdom is taken over by the Fire King and Don John the Flame Lord.

Episode 48: Betty: It is back to being a normal human for the Ice King when he loses his powers.

Episode 49: Bad Timing: Lumpy Space Princess wants Bubblegum Princess’s time travel sphere to solve her relationship problems.

Episode 50: LemonHope Story I: LemonHope embarks on a journey to freedom.

Episode 51: LemonHope Story II: LemonHope seeks shelter with a monster hunter.

Episode 52: Billy’s Bucket List: Finn decides to complete Billy’s bucket list.

Special Features: Adventure Time Forever Featurette, Animatic Clips, Special Snail Hunt

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