Rush – Blu-ray Edition

rush blu rayWhen you say that a film was better than expected that does not mean it was a good film. Just that you were expecting crap and you got something a little bit better than that. Rush goes one better than that. I went into Rush (originally released in 1991) with plenty of trepidation and came out of the dark and despicable world more entertained and challenged than I thought I would be.

Back in the day Jason Patric was the cat’s meow. Women thought him hot due to his roles in The Lost Boys and Sleepers. Those without the xx chromosome wanted to be like him because most of his characters were quite manly and cool. It seems like maybe an appearance in Speed 2 and a messy personal life caused him to disappear from Hollywood’s radar. It was good to see a film with two largely forgotten yet fairly talented actors in Patric and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Once again Patric is an undercover cop who gets himself totally immersed in the drug world. He gets too close to the fire and gets burnt. Critics at the time (maybe partially because of their dislike for Patric) hammered the film, but to my eyes it was a rather realistic and faithful depiction of the drug underworld. Junkies are not pretty.

In a small town in Texas two cops are given undercover assignments that have them living the lives of drug users in order to infiltrate the underground drug trafficking going on. Kristen Cate (Jennifer Jason Leigh – from television’s Weeds) is young and fairly inexperienced cop. Fellow cop Jim Raynor (Jason Patric) is a narc with plenty (maybe too much) experience. When he is assigned to go undercover he selects Cate as his partner.

The two are going after a hard to pin down dealer named Gaines (Gregg Allman). While undercover the two do such a good job they end up becoming addicts and falling in love. Despite the high price they pay (health and sanity) they cannot seem to get any evidence on Gaines. The choice they decide to make is not what either would have expected going into this.

If you think this is not realistic then I beg to differ as it is based on a true story. Maybe your problems include the choppiness of the editing or the rough dialogue. The way they speak and the film was roughly cut was done to emphasize the gritty and unpredictable lifestyle you find in this world.

Rush is a thought provoking film. One that makes you wonder and question our war on drugs. An attempt was made to investigate what we ask of undercover cops and how far they are willing to go for their jobs. When does good undercover work in the drug world become drug addiction? The blurred lines and descent into something you can’t get out of is depicted.

Another reason to watch the film is the solid score provided by master guitarist, Eric Clapton. What he has written is bang on in regards to supporting the mood of the scenes and the music he selected also rang true.

Special Features:
-“Tears in Heaven” Music Video
-Original Theatrical Trailer

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