Kacey Musgraves – Pageant Material

kacey musgraves pageant materialIn 2013 she was a breakout country music star and now at the middle point of 2015 she has released a follow-up album that continues to show Kacey Musgraves’ potential. Once again she demonstrates that she is willing to take the lead in the formation of this generation’s country music. With her big hair and wit she proves herself more than up to the task. It is a country music that still pays reverence to its roots but also caters to the mainstream. And that is a-okay. A more confident writer and singer makes her appearance on Pageant Material. The lyrics are what really separate her from the pack. For instance, “Pissin’ in my yard ain’t gonna make yours any greener” is one example of her cheeky way of saying important things in a marketable way. How can you not love a girl who oozes charm and sings about weed? Make sure you check out the hidden track which is a duet with country royalty Willie Nelson called “Are You Sure”. It really shows that we have a star on our hands here.

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